New topic for Grandia Translation

I got the English Grandia for PSX from the local video rental. Copied it (shh! don't tell :)) and looked over it... all of its text is ASCII. Jesus...

Upon further investigation of the Saturn version: thanks to the PSX version, I believe I found the text. It does not appear to be in _any_ JIS or Unicode format though... some kanji appear, but all hiragana don't show. (Different hex values for hiragana/katakana? or the viewer sucks?) What I have seen of the kanji, though not definitive, appear to be relevant to the game's storyline, respective to the scene scripts. There is also the chance that it could be coincidental, unfortunately.

I'll keep you all 'updated' if I find anything else. No font yet...
Well, I've come to a decision -- for now, I will be holding off this project until I know a little more about translating in general.

Until then I will be taking on a much smaller translation, a translation of a game(s?) I really enjoy.


1. It's a shooter (so, not much text)

2. Its name is also a naturally occuring fiber :)
FLEABttn: I guess you won the contest. :) But I can't award you with much, except a download of Cotton 2 which I have uploaded to a free space provider. Its still up after a couple of days... so hopefully it will stay.

sonic1687: Don't worry, it's not a dead project... yet. I just realized how much work it would be to translate Grandia, even if the translation was done for me already. Maybe after I have more experience, I can take it on.

If anyone wants (needs?) Cotton 2, it can be snagged from:, fortunately, it isn't (when I log in, the files still appear on the account) but they aren't accessible?


Also... I found the font for the intro. There appear to be different fonts for different scenarios, like the ones at the end of levels, I guess (the font and some variants appear in many different files). It is stored in some wierd SNES mode 7 type format and is 16x16 in size. I'm still trying to get it into an editable state. I tried blacking out all of the font by drawing over it, and then I made a bin/cue and used cdmage to stick the modified file in. I ran the game, and I apparently hit the font area, because it (the intro) printed some garbage and locked up. I suspect this is due to graphics compression.

Now, I guess I'll have to find some docs on SNES mode 7 and write my own 16x16 decoder for tilemod... unless I can find some other prog.
...oh, and can somebody find me some decent space for the ISO? I only need about 15 megs, less actually. The files are still there, but how useful is that when you can't get to them?
Not much progress. I still have a distorted font that I can't edit. Not sure about the graphic format... as stated before, it's similar to SNES mode 7, but either isn't exactly the same, or uses a different tile size. This really makes me angry because I've found fonts in many other games, but I don't want to translate those, I want to translate Cotton 2!!