New VGR Forums

Ok everyone. Well you're all patiently (or not) waiting for the launch of VGR. Believe us we are all frustrated with how long it's taking but we want to do this right. Alot of stuff is in there now. RevQuixo and I have added in excess of 1700 games into the database and we have plenty left to go. Meanwhile Mowgli is busy adding all the functionality to the site, it's not an easy job but he's making great progress.

Now while you bear with us, we have decided to open up some TEMPORARY forums for the site. We are using a free web based forum site. It's not the greatest but it works well and thankfully has no popups. You are free to talk in there and ask us questions. But please not warez related topics. We will delete any such topics without notice and may ban anyone we feel is abusing the rule.

So without further ado here are the Temporary VGR Forums

A few points to keep in mind. The registration process can be a bit ackward so make sure you read everything. When you do register, go into your profile and in the board settings page change the default theme to the VGR theme. This is the closest we could make the forums look like the site.

Well hope to see you there.