other than PDS and SFIII....


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what RPGs you guys recommend for Saturn? I'm in desperate of a good console RPG. I'm getting my Sega CD in two - three days, and I've got all five major RPGs for that (Lunars, Vay, Popful Mail, Snatcher), bit I need one for Saturn, plus since i got my PSX taken away at my dad's, all I've got is my 32x and Genesis, and no RPGs for that (I NEED some FF badly :()
They did not make many rpg games i the states, games

i would say is albert oddsesy( can't spell) and shining of

the holy ark that were in english.
There's Magic Knight Rayearth, Shining Wisdom too

Japanese: Grandia, SF3 S2,3,Premium, Wachenroder (i never played that one)
I'd say Shining the Holy Ark, your traditional type of RPG. I loved the gameplay and great music. Too bad they didn't make the music in CDDA form though :(

BTW, since Shining the Holy Ark came out first, much of the game engine was used to make Shining Force III, just as in the case with Shining in the Darkness and the Shining Force games for the Genesis IIRC.

Edit: My bad, Shining in the Darkness was a Genesis game; it's corrected now :)

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Dark Savior is probably the most underrated RPG on the Saturn... I played all 5 parallels of that 3 times over. Good stuff.
Well, if you're also into strategy rpg's as well... Ever consider playing a game from the Langrisser series? ;)

Also along those lines is Dragon Force.

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Hey, the mac, the ereason its hard to find mystaria is because the game was only produced under that name in extremely limited quantities. The renamed version is easy to come by though, it was called blazing Heros I believe. I havn't played any RPGs for my saturn other then Panzer Dragoon Saga unfortunatly, so I can't add anything else to this.
Here's a list of the best saturn rpg's, in my humble opinion : Langrisser 4, Chaos seed ( the most underrated saturn rpg ! Very steep lurning curve, beware ! ), Shin megami Tensei aka Soul hackers ( my first choice, excellent, excellent rpg ), Tengai Makyou the apocalypse 4, puyo puyo ( not puyo puyo dungeon, the first one that came out ). Princess crown, if you like your rpg's with a touch of Faxanadu...