Phantasy Star 1 !!!!

I've got the oppertunity to buy a Japanse Phantasy Star 1 for the Genesis for about $135 . They told me there are only 1000 copies of this game, and that Sega never sold them, but gave them for free on there best costumers in the late '80. They also told me that it was a very good price, because normally it is worth the double . Can some of your Experts verify this because it isn't a small amount of money :)
some say 1000, others say 5000, again others say there's more than that..

the price is ok, 100-150 is average for it.
Ok, thanks for the info seems to be a big expert in this things :)

I've got some more questions for you : you know a game called Alien Soldier from Treasure for Genesis? They told me it never came out in the US, but it came out here in the BENELUX (Belgium ...), and what is the price they give in the US for it ?

2. Do you know about a 32x game (a beta version) of X-men ? And what is the average price for that one ?

...i'm just verifying if those people are to be trusted you see ;)

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as for 1), I believe it came out in USA too. I got a PAL copy of it myself, the only one really expensive and rare is the japanese one.

2) I don't think I heard of that before, but I've never looked into 32X too much.
Ok, thanks :)

Can you tell me (or is there a list or something) of rare/valuable games on Genesis/SegaCD/32X/Saturn and DC ?

That way I know what I have to look for on sales hé :)

I believe you have a nice collection yourself don't you :)

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To the best of my knowledge, there was no USA release of Alien Soldier, but it might have just been a short run.
I don't know if there's a list, maybe check and look at the system faqs.

as for having a collection, no, I don't actually. I got a bunch of good games I got for cheap, several genesis and scd systems, that's it. I don't have the money to collect games, especially not the expensive/rare ones.
That x-men game(which never saw light of day) was coded by Scavenger, the same guys who did Scorcher and Amok for Saturn. They also coded a very impressive 3d engine for the 32x which was faster than anything seen on the Saturn at that time. #### shame they went bankrupt.
yeah right ..Scavenger. I remember a few pictures of Xmen 32X in a copy of Mean Machines Sega ..It looked very nice, but it never was released ..####

I heared there is a Betacopy on 32x Cartridge.

Would like to have it :)

Are there people around who have a sega collection ?

I have about 18 Sega32X/40 Megacd-SegaCD/80 Megadrive-genesis/20 Saturn and 137 Dreamcast original games.

..And actually I'm looking for people who know wich games are rare and valuable to have in my collection.
If you're going to play PS I...


Funk dat st00pid re-release on the genesis shit.

It's all about the two buttons, baby.
The genesis version is simply the SMS version in a special adapter (inside the cartridge) that puts the genesis into sms mode, similar to that the powerbase converter. I've heard that you can even open up the game, and take out the PS1 chip and play it on the SMS.
héhéhé ... got a Master System so I probably can buy it for about $5, but it isn't to play the game, but just to have a collector's item :) Pretty stupid hé... buying game and not playing them (not all of them at least)
A lot of the games I've collected (including PS for the MS) I hardly play. Not because I don't want to, but because I don't have a lot of free time to play them. I still collect them though since I know they'll only get rarer and my urge to play them will never die. I've started and have yet to finish a LOT of games, mostly the role playing ones. I'll get to them, some day...
Yep the same here ..doesn't have the time to play them all. I hope to get very old (200 years or something), maybe then I find the time to play them all :)
I don't give two shits if its a #### MASTER SYSTEM CARTRIDGE plugged into a CARDBOARD BOX that has a genesis inside it.

It's still not the original.

And the game control is completely different with a genesis controller or a SMS controller. The SMS Directional pad was just that, a PAD. Not this nicely shaped cross that you get on an NES or a Genesis. It was a SQUARE and you often found yourself moving at odd angles rather than in a straight line if your fingers were large.

There was no start button on the controller to pause the game {if it had a pause option, which was rare}. You had to get OFF YOUR ASS and push the button on the console and HOPE you hit pause instead of reset.

And there were no letters engraved into the buttons on the controller so while reading the manual it said BUTTON 1 and BUTTON 2, which are easily confused.

Besides which, you had the niftyass Sega sound and the fade-in of the Sega logo instead of the Sonic deal or just the static Sega Logo.

Purism, my friends, purism.
Cyn: The sort of "purism" you're describing is a slippery slope that eventually leads to the game not being "real" unless you buy the house you grew up in and find a crappy old TV so that it can be exactly like you remember it. Incidentally, if you're playing the U.S. version of Phantasy Star, you're not playing the original.
Listen dude, i'm heavy on nastalgia too (####, i had to build a mame arcade machine to get the "full effect" of fantasy zone) but didn't you hear what I said? You can simply open up the cartridge and plug it into the sms and play it. Oh, and I hate to break it to you, but almost every 1 player game, with the exception of a few, allows player 2's controller to be used as pause. Yes, believe it or not, you don't have to haul your ass off your comfy chair to push pause (which was neatly labeled... how could you push reset by accecdent?!). And the game wouldn't have the Fade in sega graphic, it would have the flashing "MARK III" graphic.

Actually, there were several SMS games that used the second controller as an extension of the first one. Cyborg Hunter... to access your menus, you had to use the second controller. How interesting. There were a FEW games that used the second controller as a pause, but more often than not, I usually only had ONE controller plugged in at a time and getting up and pushing the *pause* button usually turend out to be more convenient for when I did need to *PAUSE*. Example: Golvellius. Access your menus with the Pause button. The second controller did not work for this.. believe me, I tried. And it was very simple to push the reset button in certain circumstances. Example: Less than 1/4 health and fighting a boss which not only moves very rapidly around the screen but also shoots <fire, ice, etc> at you. To get to the proper healing item, it was neccessary to PAUSE the game to get to the menu. So, under the age of say, 15, spazzing out because you have busted your ass to get to this boss and THE ONLY FUCKING WAY TO HEAL is to push the button on the top of the console that is RIGHT NEXT TO another button which resets the game and you can't look away from the screen because *gasp* you might get hit.

Yeah, whatever. This is a pointless argument with most of you anyways because, if I guess correctly, most of you aren't even really OLD ENOUGH to remember these systems or to have even BEEN around when these systems were new.

héhéhé :) ...and all I asked was if their really were only 1000 copies of phantasy star 1 for genesis and now they're having a discussion about the pause and reset buttons of the master system ...Cool :)

By the way, I'm old enough to remember those systems

when they were new ..I'm almost 30 so I even remember the Atari stuff when it came out. Aaahh those where the days *sight* I'm all nostalgic now ;-)

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I've certainly heard the rumour that there are only 1000 copies of PS1MD.

I've also heard a rumour that the game isn't rare *at all*, that the "only 1000 copies" thing is an urban legend designed to extract large amounts of cash from gullible Western collectors, and that Tokyo game stores are overrun with PS1MD carts at around $5 apiece.

TBH, I wouldn't know what to believe. What I do know is that I wouldn't spend $135 on *any* cart if there was even a remote possibility of getting it significantly cheaper elsewhere, and that the $135 would be better put towards a trip to Japan to find out if certain games are as "rare" as collectors and Ebay scalpers make out.

But that's me - I'm a cynic ;)


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