Phantasy star gaiden

OK, this is the Problem: I have built the SMS Reader and a 2MBit SRAM Cartridge which all works fine. I can write SMS and GG games and play it on the real machines. The main reason why I built thr Reader/Writer and the Cart was to play the english translated version od PS Adventure and PS Gaiden BUT both games makes trouble with saving. OK, in PS Adventure its only a problem with the translation and the game really don't require to "save" as it is that short. Correct me if one of my statement in not true. But PS Gaiden makes me more worries. I can save in the church and all seems fine but when I turn off the GameGear and turn it on again the games says "No Saved Games!". Is there not enough free space? Do I need a bigger SRAM Cart (4MBit?) Or can I patch the Game like you can do on the GameboyAdvance?

Thank you for your help and please excuse my bad english.

Thomas Senoner

game saves are usually not in the same place as the rom itself (and different games different kinds of games were made for different kinds of save ram)