Saturn mod chip help

Well after reading on another thread about how to properly place the mod in a 64 pin version Saturn (gotta install it "backwards"), I decided to retry the install. least it boots up this time...But, the Saturn is now recognizing ALL back-ups as though they were a music CD. Strangely the CD motor zips to the outside of the CD to look for the security ring and then goes straight to the CD player. At least I don't get that "disk unsuitable" crap. But it doesn't give me the option to "start application."

Perhaps its the jumper? Which version of Saturn do I have anyway? Is it the 0014 or 0019? Everything else is wired properly as I had an engieneer at work install it for me. Please help!
64 pin IC chip as opposed to the normally seen 32 pin.

Another thing...Now my Saturn doesn't even boot up originals...LOL
I ocasionally(very rarely) have the same problem. It seems to be a bad soldered/old/burned cable or the modboard is touching something that it doesn't have to, because it appears in my saturn after several hours of playing (like a kof, or capcom vs tour
); but not always.
You must have balls of steal to solder to a 60+ 4 sides chip.. I had to really focus to get the 32 pin job done right.
I am having the same troubble.. able to play audio cds and listen to the audio tracs of the game discs but unable to boot up a game untill i remove the mod board... any one get thist tor work with the 64 pin chips... any help would be great...
I'd give changing the solder link to 0019 a try.

The instructions I read somewhere say most use 0014, but not all.

My Saturn with a 32 pin IC uses 0014.

Maybe Saturns with 64 pin ICs use 0019...
You know...its weird. 0014 refers to pin 14 on your 32 pin chip, right? Why is the other one refer to 0019 when the instruction say to put it on pin 8? Anyways it doesn't work on Pin 8 for me at all. I came across another set of instructions that call to put the solder on pin 46 (or some crap like that).

Is there anybody here with a 64 pin chip working modded Saturn that could open up their Saturn and post photos? I've yet to see that...
Were these other instructions online? If so, where?

You make an interesting point with 0014 corresponding with the 14th pin of the 32 pin IC. I'd never noticed that before. It does beg the question about what the 0019 link would be used for. It could be that the instructions at are wrong about which pin to solder to.

One other thing to consider. What is the connection point 'B' used for? You know, the one next to 'A', where the signal wire is connected at the moment. It could be an alternate signal connection. I haven't really had a good look over the modboard yet...
Originally posted by 3rdman@April 25 2002,07:41

Is there anybody here with a 64 pin chip working modded Saturn that could open up their Saturn and post photos? I've yet to see that...

I can. I'll post them in a few days.
I sincerely apologize. While I do have a 64 pin Saturn, I don?t have a chip that required any soldering to the mobo. I apologize once again.
For the 64 pin chip, it is the 8th pin down on the left hand side of the chip (as you look at it with the cd lens above the chip). The 0014 and 0019 is something to do with the model and not what pin number you solder it to.


I have a 64 pin saturn modded with a Lik Sang/Lan Kwei type mod chip. It is installed back to front but works fine. I originally had it installed in a 32 pin saturn before it died on me. The mod chip came delivered with 0014 bridged and did not work so I removed the solder and bridged 0019 and it worked.
Originally posted by plasticrelic@April 27 2002,18:10

btw my model # is mk-80000a and it was manufactured june 1996

I have the same model...Strange how you and I have the same problem, huh? I recently bought another saturn that should be en route. I've been told that its Model # 80008...hopefully the person didn't lie about it. I'll try installing th mod in that Saturn and I'll post the results. But it'll take a couple of weeks.
Originally posted by plasticrelic@April 28 2002,10:24

When you say it is installed back to front do you mean the unit is installed like the guide says or opposite?

I'd say he means it is the other way from how the instructions show it to be.

Have a look at the slot that the mod goes into and have a look at the edge of the mod.

There is only one way around that they will make electrical contact.