Saturn mod chip help

i installed the mod board both ways and the cable both ways no luck...I am gonna go looking for another saturn maybe...

unless someone can us figure it out....
Even though it should never be encouraged.

Why not just do the swap method?

The swap mehod if done carefully should not be a too great strain on your Saturn. I feel that the Saturn lens unit is sturdier than the PS's

And if your saturn does breaks down just buy a new one you baby's!!!

They're not that expensive as they were in the old days.

Just check Ebay!

If I had a mod chip at hand I would definetly try to solder it

But if it is too big a hastle I wouldn't.

For everybody that's complaining just swap the damn cdr discs after they've been county converted with Satconv instead of figuring out how to install a mod chip!.

I respect the urge to only play official original Saturns software, but if it's too much a hastle you're left no choice but to play backups. That's my take on things.

And for PAL owners: connect jumper JP1 with a single wire to have your Saturn allways in 60 Hz NTSC mode.

Everything 60 Hz! I love it so.
The previous message was especially intended for newbies who might get the impression that you absolutely need a mod board to play backups.

Well, don't.

Everything works perfectly even the audio.

However if you want to play original software you'll either have to install a mod board or crack the game yourself and than convert it with Satconv before swap booting it!
I have been doing the swap trick.. but would like to just pop my cd in and go... not bend over the machine just to play a game a few min and go on to something else... but I do what I have to do... I spent the money on the mod board because of the fact it was to work on all 21-pin saturns... so maybe I got screwed but at least it wasn't becauese I gave up...=P
hi.. i was referred to this forum from another forum.. i have the EXACT same problem.. I got 2 saturn modchips from lik-sang and my saturn unfortunately was 20pin.. so i am going to buy another later on... but my friends is 21 pin.. BUT.. i had to turn the mod around w/the ribbon facing to the right for it to boot up like it was supposed to w/originals.. but backups dont work at all.. they goto the cd audio screen..

does anyone have any informatino on this and do you think this specific saturn doesnt work w/the modchip?

i can post pics if anyone wants to see.. been workin on this about a month.. i know its soldered right because i haev done over 100+ psx mods before.. soldering isnt hard to me.. his saturn has the 64pin chip.. i put it on pin8... also i have switched the solder from 0014 to 0019 and it wont work.. only boots originals when its on 0014..

help if you can.. this is driving me crazy.. thanks
Unfortunately no one has yet come forward and said that they have successfully modded a model 2 Saturn with the 64 pin IC using the Lik-Sang modboard.

As you may have noticed there are several threads covering this topic and until we hear from someone who's got it to work, there's not much that can be done...
I have got it to work, like I said before by installing it back to front. I originally had it installed in a 32 pin but this died on me, so i took it out and after a lot of experimentation I got it to work in my 64 pin by installing it back to front. Apart from that the pin to solder to is the 8th from the top on the left and the "0019" points are bridged (as it was on the 32 pin).

0014 and 0019 refer to the model not the number of the pin to solder to on the chip (0014 is the older model according to

To the guy whose originals work but backups don't work - are the backups the same region as the saturn? (You may need a country conversion cart or a switch.) Do the backups work when you do the swap trick?
Sorry unclecuddles, I'd forgotten about you.

It seems no one else has been able to get it to work though. ???
Hey i have a question. What chip do you actually look at to see how many pins there are. I'm gonna buy a chip, but i don't know weather or not to buy the model 1 chip or the model two chip sicne i don't know where in my saturn to look. can some one tell me?
Only if you tell us where you found a model 1 chip for less than the cost of a premodded model 2 Saturn... :woah:
to uncle cuddles: what is the manufacture date on the bottom of your saturn as well as the model number from the back of the unit.. if you dont mind..
I've been looking for that website for awhile but never saw it again. That guy has the same problem the rest of us have...

If you notice, he says it is UNTESTED so attempt at your own risk.

I've got a question...Is the blue wire simply for the sake of the clock? If that is the case, has anybody tried measuring the clock speed on the various pins on the Saturn to find the right one? Maybe I'll try it at work next chance I get..
i was wondering about the signal if it could be made some other way besides pulling it from the ic or a way to confirm it is getting the corect signal from the ic...
i have installed a mod into a 64pin unit for someone else, by following the instructions on consoleking/videogamecompany, id suggest if your having problems to get hold of some isoproponal alcohol and clean the contacts on the board before anything, and check that your wires arent broken (a multimeter on a continuity test would be a good idea)
Finally recieved my new Saturn...It bears the same Model # as my previous Saturn (MK-8000a) but surprisingly it has a 32 pin IC chip!

Well I installed the mod that was giving me all types of problems and it works! I had to bridge it to 0019 but it works perfectly!

This leaves me very perplexed as to why it didn't work before but at least its working now. To those who have what they think might be a dud of a mod, hang on to it. There must be something wrong in the instructions for our paticular 64 pin Saturns.

I'm off to play PDZ!
Originally posted by 3rdman@May 08 2002,03:05

Finally recieved my new Saturn...It bears the same Model # as my previous Saturn (MK-8000a) but surprisingly it has a 32 pin IC chip!

Well I installed the mod that was giving me all types of problems and it works! I had to bridge it to 0019 but it works perfectly!

That's odd, because the two Saturns I've modded with the 32 pin IC were set to 0014. ???

At least you've got it working now.