Shining Force III advice request


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I just started playing Shining Force III Scenario I (awesome game if you like all of the combat strategy) and I am wondering how critical it is to do everything right. I just checked out a SFIII web site and realized that I didn't find a lot of special items and I also didn't save Irene (so I'm one party member short). I'm almost through Chapter 2 right now. Without all this stuff, is my party doomed? So far, things have been pretty challenging, but everyone's still alive and well. I just wonder if it gets a lot harder as the story progresses.

Thanks for any tips.


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Not so sure how critical the items are since I have missed quite a few and haven't finished yet myself, but I did have to start over once already. I reached the Vandal and could NOT beat him. I just couldn't no matter what I tried. So my advise is to start some battles, kill some people, earn some experience, then warp out. Basically fight the same part of the battle over and over until you feel you're ready to move on. Seemed to help me anyway.


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It really doesn't matter too much on how you play the game....i'm playing the game for the second time....

i never actually finished it the first time because there is a problem with my saturn it doesn't seem to store the settings in memory at one point it lost all the info in the backup ram cart and it had to initialize it i changed the lithium battery it works but it doesn't store the clock/language settings...

anyway, make sure you try to gain as much Exp as possible trust me you will need it later....

Try to find some of the hidden characters, some are amazing...

The summons aren't bad....

i can't wait to play scenario 2+3

good luck


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LEVEL UP! It's the only advice you need. Don't do what I did...ignore some of the charecters. It's very easy to level up Dantares and see Grace remain weak. Big mistake.


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In general it is a good tip to make sure you level up all the characters evenly when you are playing any RPG. Alot of developers pack surprises into those "weak" characters when they get of sufficient level... or even sometimes the strong characters leave the party forcing you to play only with the one you left alone. Then if you didnt level it up before you are TSOL.


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luckly you are still somewhat early in the game and have a chance of recruiting a few secret charictures such as noon and rachet other than that just keep leveling up and you will do fine. By the way do not over look eldar if you level him correctly he is a great help in later battles.