There's No 32X Forum, So I'll Ask Here.

I've been trying forever to get Knuckles Chaotix to run on Ages and Retrodrive. The roms I have are zipped .SMD files. I've managed to convert them to .BIN format no problem, as that is what the emulator's authors ask you to do (why I have no idea).

Now the trick: renaming .BIN extension to .32X. Frankly, it doesn't work. Simply renaming through right-clicking does jack, the file remains a BIN file, it just says "Chaotix.32X" for a file name. I can't seem to find a program that would do it for me. I've used Cowering's GoodGen, but it simply renames it Knuckles Chaotix (A) (!) or something like that.

How do I go about getting a working .32x file out this mess? And if any of you out there have a working....naw, forget it. I can't ask that anyway.
.32x is just another name for .smd files, the format is identical, as far as I know.. there's no 32x backup unit afterall which could create its own format.

My knuckles Chaotix rom works fine in retrodrive 5, in smd format.
...and yet, oddly enough, it doesn't work for me.

The files I've had I downloaded over a year ago, and worked previously on both AGES and Retrodrive (well, they LOADED anyway). I never had to convert to BIN either, I just ran them zipped.

Ever since then AGES and Retrodrive have both been updated, and suddenly my roms (I have two versions of Chaotix) won't run. They either freeze up the emus, or crash.

Retrodrive5, especially, is being a bit cruel. I can't even load the emulator first before it freezes my comp.....and AGES is no better, what with the recent release problems.

Is there no hope?

(Did you say AGES forum?)
Simply renaming through right-clicking does jack, the file remains a BIN file, it just says "Chaotix.32X" for a file name.

I'm not sure this is the problem, but try this:

Open Windows Explorer.

Go to Tools->Folder Options...

Click the View tab.

In the Advanced box, uncheck "Hide file extensions for known file types."
Yeah, that did it.

Thanks! :)

It's loading good, now I must wait for AGES to be fixed (because, you know, Retrodrive's being a little bitch right now).

Well, since I'm here: Anybody ever have Retrodrive go "black" on you when starting up, and red text saying something like "failure" and some random address show up on screen?

I've NEVER seen Windows do that, what could be causing it?
hmm I thought a 32X file was the same as a bin file, not a smd file, which is why you convert tem and don't just rename the smd to 32X.

Anyway I've played the game to the end. It freezes around the credits though, but otherwise is almost bugless even in bonus levels. There's one or two little things I noticed though. Going back to get all the Chaos Rings now=)

Anyone know Tim Meekins email I was going to email the freez bug report to him but the email in the Retrodrive docs didn't work.