Too Much Of A Good Thing..........

Is there a help line for people (like me) who suffer from too much of Ikaruga? This has got to be THE BEST SHOOT-EM-UP, EVER!
I've played it non-stop for the past 3 days (my DC was not turned off till 15 min's ago...(total playtime so far 36 hours +)).I mean HOW can you get bored of somthing this damm good!?!...........OH GOD I NEED HELP!
Can't wait to play this game

Actually, I already have a copy, but since it is supposed to be a birthday present (and I'm supposed to "forget" about it...yeah right), I won't be playing it for another couple of months.

Roll on December 6!
...Poor You! Well let me just say...the waiting will be worth it!.....I went throught the same thing when i got my Sega Genesis back in 1991!
Back when it was supposed to be coming out May 30th, mine was preordered as a birthday present (it would've been bout 6 weeks early).. Got it nearly three months late in the end

I'm trying really hard not to play it at all.. Saving it for a special occasion where I can dedicate a week to it or something.
I have no life other than video games as it is; on top of that there is Ikaruga! I can't put it away either. Simply awesome; words cannot describe it. I remember when I wasted my days playing Layer Section and Raiden Project, then Radiant Silvergun. NOW THIS!!!