Videogame Addiction

how about arent you the kid who drank all that vodka at school and broke the bottle in class and puked all over the principal.

uhh.. no that was my retarded twin brother that really actually isnt related to me that is why he has the same name

never i repeat never ever tell your friend you can hook them up with a gallon of cheap vodka. they wont be there to receive it for some reason and what is a german 13 year old to do with all that vodka. ummmm DRINK IT
Generally speaking, an "addict" is defined as someone who compulsivly does something without any regard to the possible negative side effects. Therefore, I would not necessarily classify most people as addicts. The person who plays EQ for 30 hrs straight without sleep or eating is an addict. The person who just loves to sit down and play something for a couple of hours isn't.
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I made the stupidest mistakes of my life back in 8th grade, for for that, I'm known by everyone for that. I'll meet someone I don't know, and they'll be like "Hey, aren't you that kid and did "this and that" a few years ago?" It's bad.

I think you need to tell us what you did so we can properly assess your situation

It's all in the past now. That was more than two years ago. I just don't care anymore.