Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer NGCD HERE!!

I have put up for download my rare neo geo cd of VF Gowcaizer....Its simply awesome!! Download it now at my web page. for those who dont know yet here is my page link. Enjoy... My Webpage

NOTE the pics of the case are up now.
use cover xp pro to print out the cd covers...

and for anyone that says thanks,... It was my pleasure...
ew...Bin/Cue? Youre nuts man!! Bin/Cue IS the format most chosen for any release group....but dont worry...Im sure some dumb sh!t out there will rip this nice bin/cue to hell and give you your iso/mp3s one day...
Bin/Cue. My burner hates those more than ISO/MP3.

That's what tools like Binchunker and ISOBuster are for... or you could try a burning program (with the appropriate settings) that your burner likes - it never sees the actual image file anyway.
All bin/cue burners fuck up on my burner. I'll use 80-min discs with a 650mb bin and it will tell me I don't have enough space ont he disc. Get the same errors on CDRWIN, Nero, and FireBurner. Older FireBurner versions will write it anyway but it's always a bad disc. The problem seems to be when the cue declares track end times. Somehow that just kills it.
You could try mount it to a virtual cd-rom drive using daemon tools/daemount and then copying the virtual cd using a burning program. Just a suggestion if you haven't tried it already.
my god!! It sounds like you need to spend a little money and buy a decent Yamaha burner......the ONLY burners that have trouble with cdrwin is the OLD ass 1 speed burners....you can get a 24x Yamaha or 40x plextor now for like 150 bucks!! Do yourself a favor and upgrade to something halfway decent at least.....Bin/Cue will be here for a LONG time!!
PLUS you are like the ONLY one Ive ever heard have problems with cdrwin!?
Your burner must really suck!!
The problem seems to be when the cue declares track end times. Somehow that just kills it.

That would probably cause problems, since the cuesheet format has no command for declaring track end times (unless they added something real recently).
Fakk: I have a Mitsumi 4804TE burner. It used to work in older CDRWINs but not anymore. Same goes for Nero. I used to have no problem with BIN/CUE and then one day it just stopped working. And of course you can never find the old-ass versions of the programs because nobody keeps them around. Oh well. It's a 4x4x24 burner and works quite well. I don't mind the 4x speed because frankly I don't trust 8x and up with sensetive files.

On anothe rnote the same stuff that didn't burn on my burner failed on the 8x4x32 Yamaha burner in the other room. So it's not just me
Except that one did burn the discs and put out bad, non-bootable copies

Gee hich would i rather do. Have it say the disc is fine, burn it, and produce and unbootable disc, or just tell me it can't do it correctly from the get go
I carry older reg versions of cdrwin and stuff....which one do you need? I would love to fix your problems.....if you put in an invalid code in cdr win it will burn the cd ok and it will still be a bum cd...thats thier funny idea of protection.....those d!ck heads.....I can try to help you out email me and Ill see what I can do.
I'll need to do the math and figure out how long ago it was I burned a good CD with CDRWIN. Not too sure. I'll ge tback to you on that though.
Its now or never people, its going down in a day or so..... if you dont have it yet get it now while there is still time!
As you know I downloaded the game Fakk, thanks btw great fun...I want Top Players Golf or put up Alpha Mission 2 on your site as you also know haukke made his ftp private halfway through that download!

Keep up the great work
ok Alpha Mission 2 will go up next

Woohoo! I don't know what a "Scrum Object" is supposed to be, but I can assure you that mine will be fully Armored.

Thanks again (as always
Hey FAKK2, I just saw your sig: "I AM THE ANTI-RIGG! - FAKK2"

Just cruious, are you serious?
Cuz that makes 11 people I know now including me who are anti-RIGG. The topic of the IRC chan I frequent has been "Boycott RIGG | [whatever anyone else writes]" for about a month now