What is the worst control pad....

OK here's a fun topic.

What is the most crappy gamepad you've ever used?

Which control pad hurt your hands, was ugly, awkward to use or just made you say to yourself "god, this thing sucks!" ? ???

My vote would go to the N64's standard pad, that thing is clunky as hell!
I'd have to second that one. And third it. And possibly a fourth.

After playing with these newfangled systems trying to play on a Genesis Original 6 Button is kind of awkward. Not N64 awkward, but strange.

Incidentally, I actually like the Xbox's gamepad. It fits my hands pretty nicely.
the NES MAX control pad is the WORST!!! never get one EVER!!

the hardest to get used to for me was the Virtual boy.. 2 D-pads and alot of buttons makes for a mess
I hated the Saturn analog pad, it just didn't fit my hands right so I only use standard Saturn pads (which i love
). I actually like the N64 controller, I find it comfortable. Plus it's balanced if you're just holding the middle so I can play WaveRace one handed, or play with two characters at once
I personally hated the original atari 2600 joystick, small, very tough joystick to move with the 1 button in an awkward position, it was hell using that thing. THank god for quickshot joysticks.
the jaguar pad is a catastrophe.

the original M$ Sidewinder sucks too, thanks to the extremely shitty d-pad.

the xbox pad is actually pretty good for racing games (thanks to the very well adjustable L/R triggers) and 1st person shooters. it's pretty bad for fighting games, tho.
Xbox pad definately, it just ruins Halo, though I suppose any joypad would.

N64 one is ok, it just depends on the game you are playin.

Ps standard and dual shock are really crappy too IMHO. I just hate the trigger buttons.
The Atari stick was GREAT for Pacman, centipede, and pole position.

The N64 clones (The ones that didnt have the handles on the sides) SUCKED!

PSX has nice feel to it

PC joystic, Logitech Wingman Extreme... nice feel but POOR compat.. it was software based. Couldnt get it to work for NORMAL joystick stuff at all... (Like Duke 3d)
I think the n64 controller was a nice idea with the three hand positions, but they just looked odd..

DC pad is nice except for the triggers. The Playstation pads are the only ones I feel comfortable with, they just seem to fit my hands better. Older pads do feel weird after using newer ones, th Saturn pads feel so light.

The d-pads on the Sidewinders I've had have been terrible, you can't always tell instinctively where the direction is you're after because they're so smooth.

I also had to revert from the normal Atari joysticks to Quickshot ones. I used to go through at least one a month when I was younger, drove my Dad mad with buying them..
My Colecovision pads are AWFUL. I've gotten a number of blisters off the stupid "joystick" on the standard controllers.


edit: pictures are cool.
Lets be honest the old C64 1 or 2 button Joystick was the bomb! =P Wore out like 3 playing Ghostbusters, Wizards of War, Mail Order Monsters, not to mention a few others.
OHH OHH I know! The Atari Jag! That thing had SO many numbers and NONE of them were used in a game. I mean not ONE game used them all... Also anyone know if they exsist? I mean no one has SEEN a Jag really
The atari 7800 pad by far...you never knew if you were going to hold it in both hands or set it on the table since it was so akward. Also, the 3do fz-1 pad.. yes the 3do itself is one of my all-time favorite systems, but the pad felt weird for some reason.
i've seen a jaguar before, i even saw that aliens vs. predator or whatever game being run on it. but uhh....

worst controller EVER

the standard nes control pads, i think they were actually design to BITE into your hands, the buttons were unresponsive, the d-pad barely worked. to thik of all the hours i used those damn things when my juvenial hands were still forming, i shudder to think what damage that has casue dthe bone structure of my hands. the nes arcade joystick however is pr'lly my favorite controller of all time, it's the only one i've used that actually had a weighted base, so what if the actual stick it's self was off by like 10 degrees making it immposible to enter the invincibility code for ghouls and ghosts (or was it ghosts and goblins?)

i really liked the n64 controller when i first got it, but now haveing used the dreamcast controller that's the only thing i can tollerate.

my logitech wingman kinda sucks too, but it's made incredibly well, i spilt a cup of water on it, didn't realize it until the next morning and it still works perfectly
Originally posted by Mysticales@June 12 2002,14:45

OHH OHH I know! The Atari Jag! That thing had SO many numbers and NONE of them were used in a game. I mean not ONE game used them all... Also anyone know if they exsist? I mean no one has SEEN a Jag really

they were used for lemmings. all 26 of em i believe. 26 is right isn't it?

I havent spend nearly enough time with xbox or gamecube controllers to really hate either of em much. The dc controller was pretty good, the triggers did hurt your fingers after awhile though. I think m$ should be sued for steeling the design from sega. virtual boy controllers were pretty bad too, if i recall correctly aren't they shaped similar to gamecubes controller, outline wise?
I forgot about the Jaguar.
that is one horrible looking control pad, I never played the Jaguar, but I always thought it looked like a awful design.

I'm sure alot of Jag's have found new life as doorstops or paperweights, thanks in no small part to that awful pad