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There are formally fifty member states in the United States of America.

A standard CD reader's laser diode produces a beam with a nominal wavelength of 780 nanometers.

Both the N64 cartridge interface and the Game Boy Advance cartridge interface are based on a multiplexed data/address scheme.

Motorola has discontinued the 68HC000P.

Intel's general name for the 32-bit 80x86 architecture is "IA-32".

"High Frequency" brand controllers are actually from Mad Catz.

"Performance" is a brand created by Interact for their "basic" products.

A Neo Geo CD system has more RAM than a stock Playstation, Saturn, or Nintendo 64.

The disappearance of Babylon 4 is explained in the episodes "Babylon Squared" and "War Without End".

The current formal definition of the length of a meter is based on the speed of light in a vacuum.

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