DRACULA X FOR 32X!!!!!!!!!!

Well..i 've heard that Dracula X-Nocturne in the Moonlight was originally planed to release for the SEGA's Mega Drive/Genesis Add-on...32X!In this beta there will be a level with a zeppelin..and Alucard's hair not white but black(?).

I've also heard that SOMEWHERE on the net there are some screenshots of it!The game's name is BLOODLETTING!

I've heard all these from a CastleVania Forum!

HOAX?I am not sure!But i think it's a very... interesting story.
Quite good strory Konami but I think the person who told you that is a bit liar. There's no info for even the planning of this one!

Instead of this i found these unreleashed projects:

Castlevania X (for Saturn)


Castlevania: The Bloodleting (for Saturn)


Castlevania Resurresction (for Dreamcast)


screens here.

Dracula X: Nocturne in the Moonlight (for Saturn [Japan only])


Dracula X: Rondo of Blood (for Turbo Duo[Japan only])


No 32X game somewhere!!!

No black-haired Alucard.

Here says that the Bloodletting is a PSX/ Saturn game (aka Symphony of the night).

BUT I FOUND Castlevania V: Rondo of blood

OFF TOPIC: By the way, here is the way to get Alucard out of the Castle in the Saturn Version:

"The methods to get outside on PSX do not work on Saturn. However, I did get outside once with Alucard by accident. I was in the anti-chapel at the spike corridor, going in and out killing a sniper of goth trying to get it to drop the brilliant mail. At one point it glitched after I killed one and was going out of the room as I came out of fog form. Part of the spike corridor was blacked out. I didn't realize what was happening at first and I just thought it was a visual glitch, so I tried to go out of the spike corridor and back in to see if it would correct itself. When I tried to go back in, it didn't change screens and kept scrolling where the corridor branching off the tower came to an abrupt end. I walked out of it and fell outside the castle. Then I proceded to fly around to map out the area for a higher percentage. Unfortunately while flying around as a bat, an imp hit me and I got completely stuck. I couldn't transform, use a library card, or anything. I had to reset the game. I tried to purposely repeat the glitch, but I couldn't get it to work. I figure that getting outside of one of the castles would get you from 211.2% to 216% (or 216.1% if you also got the extra .1 outside the inverted castle) and getting outside of both castles would get you up to a beastly 220.9%. I recommend just trying to get brilliant mail and maybe if you're lucky, the glitch will happen. If it does, remember to fly around as fog even though it sucks mana faster so you don't get hit and stuck. If you don't want to wait around while magic recharges use a mana prism with the duplicator key."
WOW..Silender...Now i'm sure you are a 'Vania fan

By the way..you forgot one CastleVania unreleashed game...the Symphony of the Night for the Tiger.com console!

I know a very interesting story about this...maybe i'll tell you about it next time

Visit any great 'Vania site and you'll see many screenshots for yourself!

Um..and Silender the domestic PSX and Saturn versions of Dracula X/Symphony of the Night has been also called CASTLEVANIA V....CASTLEVANIA X...CASTLEVANIA :THE BLOODLETTING.. and CASTLEVANIA:NOCTURNE IN THE MOONLIGHT.However the game we're here to talk is Bloodletting for the 32X not the Saturn Dracula X...so maybe this beta exist!

There's always a confusion with the CastleVania games' titles...White Night Concerto has been also known as Concerto Of the Midnight Sun.Harmony of Dissonance is the US/PAL name..and Mega Drive/Genesis BloodLines known as CastleVania:The New Generation and Vampire Killer.

But maybe it's hoax..really don't know.
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