How the #### do you get past the labarynth boss in sonic 1? it's been driving me nuts since 1994, i have used the level edit cheat and i know what the boss is. I know how i am supposed to beat it. I either get spiked or drown. Its driving me insane. I cant beat it on the emu and im sure i wont be able to beat it whe i dig up another cart. I can get all the chaos emeralds in my sleep and i can complete the rest of it. How the #### do i beat it?
hehe, yeah I can't remember that boss either... perhaps it's the least memorable of robotnik's concoctions... wait wasn't that the one where eventually he goes up, and you have to follow him... and there was water pushing you into spikes or something... yeah that one was hard.
I always just chased him up to level ground.... The hardest Robotnik boss I remember was Spring Yard Zone. Diminishing floor.... UGH.
Yep, the one where you have to chase him up the tunnel, and there are lots of spikes and flamers and all sorts, i always just die.

Still, i have been mostly laying sonic 2 milennium edition. Now thats hard, i lost all my livesjust getting to the end of the first level. Maybee i messed up patching the rom
Basically, just follow him the best you can, and time your jumps. Don't try jumping into him until you are sure you can hit him. I am not even that sure if you even have to hit him at all to kill him, maybe just follow him to the end, and he leaves.
yeah. i think that you have to kill him, but when you come to an end, he just stops and fights you like that.

im not sure though

just time your jumps, and like IUG said. dont hit him unless your sure you can hit him, and hit him good
You don't have to hit him at all. I've only hit him 3 times tops, and that was with debug
do you have a screenshot? Can't remember what it looks like? I've beated 1-3, so I should know how -- been a while though.

Anyway let us know
When I was a kid I used to be able to finish Sonic 1 with my right fingers on the d-pad and my left on the buttons (seriously). That's what I call getting your money's worth out of a game.

Since I bought my new Megadrive I can't even get past that boss either. How time has whithered my skills..
if it makes you feel any better, i can't beat the power rangers game for genesis but i could when i was 5... not that i play that on a regular basis it was just for nostalga's sake...
Wow, either you're younger than I thought or Power Rangers is older..

Cool how when I was younger I made up for the lack of games I had by making them constantly harder for myself. Games now you just finish and that's it, over with. In general anyways.
You don't *need* to hit him, but it is possible. I've killed him twice without cheats. Then again, I can complete the 'impossible' Sonic 2 final boss hacked savestate floating around:)
power rangers game came out in 1995 so i would have actually bee six or seve... yeah my birthday is smack in the middle of the year so i could be eather.
Originally posted by JDAdams@June 08 2002,17:21

You don't *need* to hit him, but it is possible. I've killed him twice without cheats. Then again, I can complete the 'impossible' Sonic 2 final boss hacked savestate floating around:)

I would love to see this freezestate...
Robotnik appears at the start of this tunnel which goes upwards then flys off. The water starts rising and you've got to catch up whilst a) not drowning b)not having spikes jammed into you from the wall and c)not having a shield or rings to use after the first time you fail..