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Hi all,

Following the release of the excellent Divx 5.0 codec, I had a rush of blood to the head and foolishly deleted all my copies of the older (4.x) codecs.

I would be really greatful if someone would email me his or her copy of the 4.12 codec installer.

why does it suck?

I was about to install the codec! Tell me why it sux!

Curious: Is the processing time slower than that of divx 3.11? Any asynch issues? Any colour issues? (I know divx 4.0 had probs with the colour GREEN for me)

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I tried about 5 different encodes with it messing with bunches of settings and it output color garbage, and it wasnt that much faster of an encode either, only 2-3 frames faster, not worth it, stick with 4.12 for encoding until they fix it.
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#### be-atches! Kay. Thanks Skankin'

I think I'll stick with 3.11 till i c something better.

4.12 is pretty good, worth the upgrade from 3.11, has good VBR support too, mess with both of those and see which you prefer.