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Well it's finally alive, almost.

NintendoXtreme is up and kicking!

There is a NintendoXtreme forum on these boards for the time being, but it will later move to its own board once I've finished setting it up.

As you can tell from the navigating menu, there is still lots of stuff missing (it currently points to the old SegaXtreme links), so please email me with any Nintendo related stuff you might have.

We're not looking for roms, but rather movies, music, FAQs, Art, Guides and Cheats as well as any reviews you may have written.

As always, if you notice any prominent and important Nintendo News you'd like to see one the site, email it to me and I'll give you credit on the news page.

Any ideas or suggestions are welcomed!




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That almost looks like a joke (no offense!). :) Good luck with the site and getting the Nintendo fans there!


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It's SegaXtreme's bastard child! Everybody run!

I look forward to seeing what comes of it...good luck!


hey, i have nothing against nintendo, in fact i think they are tied with sega in my book. I love the zelda games especially. But. should there EVER be a sonyxtreme or an MSxtreme, i will shoot myself. so please spare me the ammo.


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Ummm...... There already is a PSXtreme.

Granted, it ain't run by this site's crew, but there is one out there......