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beware the aftermath

i know i know, no asking for .iso's!!!!! or begging like a dog wanting a bone either!!! hahahaha but dizzamn it man, everybody says and every search and any other hint i find says go to sega xtreme for .iso's ,,, I WANT THE SHINING FORCE 3 scenerio 1 (US) but i know its illegal but does anyone really care??? i have no morals i just wanna play some wicked ass games !!! ANARCHY RULES!!!!!!!!!
If you looked in this website it would say go to the ftp section, and you would also find a long trail of dead users and a man named Arakon walking towards you.
where is this ftp section u speak of ??? ANARCHY RULES!!!!!!!!!!
Originally posted by SkankinMonkey@July 27 2002, 11:58 pm

[15:55] * Looking up


[15:55] * Resolved to

Viva le AOLers.

Hush.... I'm still on AOL until my ADSL comes back up