Question about Satconv

Can satconv harm a iso and this iso no function?. I patch dracula x to europe. But when i put the cd in saturn appears the cd panel and says " this disc is unsaible in this system". I extract the iso with cdrwin, and now satconv says "this no is a valid saturn iso". Before the santconv don´t say this. Is the iso wounded? If don´t i change the country the game will function? ( I have the cartrige 4 in 1 no problem ).I prove the game with the cartrige but freezes in the loading message of the cartrige.

Thank you
You have burned your ISO incorrectly. DraculaX can be converted without problems
I burn the iso with cdrwin, i burn others iso like this and they function. Can be that this iso need some special option? I don´t know because don´t function. How can i burn the iso correctly?
I've burned Dracula X to Europe correctly before, so you must have done something wrong along the way. If you have the original rars just start over rather than ripping your bad burn.
I had the same problem with satconv and Dracula X.

However, I used my PSX Symphony of the Night CD to load it

What I did, was wait for the Saturn to read the TOC, then about two seconds before the laser flew up to the Security Code, I swaped SotN for the legitimate Saturn Game so it would load it's Area Code and then fly up to read it's Security Code. Then when the laser flew back down I swapped it for Dracula X, and it woiks perfectly

And don't tell me that my PSX Symphony of the Night CD doesn't do anything, If I just do a double swap with the legitimate Saturn game and Dracula X, it won't work.
Anyway, does anyone know a what's wrong?

It's a 422281216 byte ISO.

Shouldn't there be a redbook audio track or something? Like the PSX version?

I used CDRWIN to burn it, I didn't use any strange settings or anything. It's definately a problem with the region code, but why would the patch work, but then you end up with a game with it's original regional encoding?

Should I try it with good ol' Ez-CD Pro?
It is a iso file or it is in bin format? If it is a bin file, it has the audio tracks and you will need to find/create a cue file to burn it correctly.
Thank you astroblue. I think the problem was that, I burn the iso with EzCd Pro.

I don´t know because cdrwin don´t burn well some games, is the game or the rip?

I´m downloading the panzer dragoon saga of the ralo´s ftp, cdrwin burn it well or i must use ezcd pro. I prefer cdrwin for record.

Thank you all that answer this question.
As a general rule,

Burn BIN+CUE with CDRWIN/BlindWrite

Blindwrite is the better of the two, since you can check the BIN, and it actually recongises it as a Sega Saturn Binary.

Burn ISO+MP3 with EzyCDPro. EVEN if it just has just a Iso and no MP3.
Originally posted by AstroBlue@June 16 2002,10:35

Burn ISO+MP3 with EzyCDPro. EVEN if it just has just a Iso and no MP3.

I guess the hardware we use effects CDRWin's reliability.

I do all of my burns (iso/mp3 and bin/cue) with CDRWin and never have any trouble with it.

Well, except the odd buffer under run. Damn slow PC.