Raiden Project for PSX

Hey Guys,

I have Raiden Project for the PSX. It's in near-mint condition. Does anyone know how rare this item is? I saw some nut try to sell a copy for 60 bucks on ebay (I really doubt he'll get that much) and I'm not interested in selling it. Thanks.
I guess it's fairly rare for a PSX game released in English.. I've seen it once or twice used around here for about £20-£25 recently, so obviously it's not that common (most used PSX stuff would be around £10).
Ahh.. Raiden Project *drools*

Much fun is Raiden.

Dunno how rare it would be though it's a nice game to have around nevertheless.
I traded my Gamegear in for a mint/complete copy of it a while back, not sure if I played it once or twice after that