Screen resolution hacks [MD]


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I recently started to explore this platform and came to the conclusion that it also has the potential to improve the quality of games. A similar topic already exists in the section for Saturn, and now it's time for a Mega Drive / Genesis.
As it turned out, quite a few games on this platform did not support extended screen resolution (only 256x224 like the SNES). I decided to correct this flaw. Several patches to increase the screen resolution are already available at the link below. I hope that their number will grow.

Link to patches



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This a great topic! :congrats:

I've been interested in this subject for years and I always suspected there were games on the genesis that could be hacked into 320x224, which in turn would make them look better or even correct the aspect ratio of the graphics in cases when the artists didn't take into account the stretching caused by 4/3 crt TV's.

@Paul Met: there are lots of titles. Please take a look here (if you didn't already):

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that in the future you can improve many of them (especially my favorites). :cwm30: