Screeen resolution hacks

Widescreen on these older systems works by squishing everything horizontally, with the idea being that your widescreen TV will stretch it out. Look up anamorphic wide screen for a decent explanation of the idea.

If you play on a 4:3 CRT you should still see more, but everything is going to be squished.
So with that being said. I should probably not use the hack and use the original resolution for the best image (non squished) on my 4:3 CRT correct?


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Question about these hacks. I am playing on a JVC CRT s-video. I currently am playing through SF3 S2 with the hack enabled. I noticed because of the hack I can not see the version number of the translation patch on the title screen. Do these patches do anything when playing on an old 4:3 CRT or am I just losing some screen because of it?
The widescreen patch may not be compatible with the translated version of SF3 (scenario # 2). The patch is intended primarily for the original Japanese version of the game.