Sega GT

I can't win the WSK FF drive race.

Can someone who has won it tell me how did he do that (what car did you use, how was it tuned, etc?

I need help tunning FF cars, too. No matter how do I tweak the car, I can't get good acceleration. If you built a goof FF car, tell me too. I have enough money in my game to make any custom car.
cant help ya with the race :(

but can help ya with the money situation... worked it out all by myself!

sell all but one car, and focus on it. i chose the old(er) toyota supra (big toyota fan :)) fully hottied it up, all turbos, weight reduction etc., and set the gear ratios to REALLY long for a huge top speed (dont expect to be able to control it tho ;) and if u need, i can post the gear ratios too...)

take it to the max speed track, and get *just* over the top speed (1-5 should be cool), then complete the lap

this will get u a nice RX-7 :)

if u complete the speed track again, going only a few clicks over the max u set before, u get another RX-7 :)

if u do this, it also gets u a car u can race in the 600(?) and 1000m knockout

Edit: Oh, you HAVE enough money to make a custom car... oops ;)

try making one in the carrozeria... will make it easier than doing a pre built one up...

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I have tried all I can think about at carrozeria: most expensive SA car; most RPM, HP and least weight.

But I can't make any FF car wich can compete decently in the FF WSK race. So I need is that a person who has beaten this specific race tell me which car did he use and his tunning. This is the last race for me to win in the game.

And thanks, but I have 5 diferent models of the mazda rx7 (more or less, I think) :)

And just another thing I discovered; any premium car (with no option to buy) is better than one made by carrozeria with almost the same specifications.

The max speed trick you talk about works best with the dodge viper with full equipment. Give it a try :)
Dodge Viper???

u mean the US ver of SegaGT has a VIPER?

I have the Homolgalation(?) edition, and only has Jap. manufacturers... is a Viper hidden away, or do u have different cars?









The Viper can reach 400km/h without needing much calibration, and it isn't a hidden car. In fact, almost all hidden cars I have are modified versions of the standard ones.

I have the european version.











Alfa Romeo





But many of them just have one single car or serie. IE: Dodge only has the Viper and Ford the Mustang Cobra (am I right? I can't remember well (not @home)).

And I don't understand how the jap version doesn't have non-japanese cars. In the intro movie there is a renault clio v6 leading the other cars all the time. And in the event race there is a special race for the renault clio trophy only (the SA works car you get from renault) :p

By the way I beated all races yesterday. The WSK FF race can be beatable with a Carrozeria TN-23 FF 5000cc and with all engine upgrades. It doesn't need any calibration, but a way too diferent transmission handling than the other cars. I have left to be #1 in all licenses of all categories; but that will take a very long time :)
ok... wanna get some things straight...

Was the only ver. of SegaGT in Japan the homolgomation version? or was there the 'normal' SegaGT as well?

Does the homolg... ver have a more updated car list or something? otherwise, why release it?

does the 'normal' SegaGT have the little pokemon/tamagotchi-like character on the VMU?

that about covers it... i think ;)