SEGA Saturn 26th Anniversary Game Competition

So some updates on the first Demo Disc. Right now the lineup is this:

  1. Tank Game
  2. Cube Cat
  3. Sonic Z-Treme Metal Sonic Demo
  4. Ninja Penguin Manmaru English Demo
  5. Sakura Wars English 96 Tokyo Game Show Demo
  1. Policenauts English
  2. Grandia English
  3. Lunar Silver Star Story English
  4. Symphony of the Night English
  5. Fire Pro Wrestling English
One thing to note that I've since learned about the Demo Loader. If your game uses CD Audio, I'll need a special updated build. The Demo loader writes to the address 0x06000CCD the value that your game should use for it's first CD Audio Track. So basically your game needs a build that reads that address for the track to use as Track 1. So if you use 3 CD Audio Tracks, you will need logic that tells your game to that Track one is the value at 0x06000CCD, Track 2 is that + 1, and Track 3 is that + 2.
Did you post the demo disc somewhere?
I could link to that instead of just the Metal Sonic demo, it will allow some other projects to be discovered and it will give people more incentive to burn a disc than with only a 2 minutes boss battle
Hello everyone, I am new to the forum and also new to Saturn, I would like to say that I have decided to buy one and a Satiator after seeing that there is an active community of homebrews, hacks and translators. Something that unfortunately I do not have for my PSX or my N64.

In any case, I do not want to vote because it seems unfair to tell someone that their project seems to me the worst of all those presented, but I would like to say which I found the best, specifically one of the main reasons why I bought Saturn was to see Project Z-Treme a few years ago, which is why I'm going to release my console with Hellslave. Others that have caught my attention are Cube Cat and I think Pony Game has a lot of potential.

As for translations, they are all always welcome and I can't judge the difficulty of doing each one, I don't know which ones are more difficult, so I'll just limit myself to saying which ones I most want to use as a simple player:
1º- Fire Pro S _ 6 Men Scramble: It makes me a bit funny that its creator said in this thread that his translation had nothing to do with others. If you read this, you are wrong, I am interested in your translation, especially because of all those presented, yours is the only one that will allow me to know a new game since the rest of the translations could already be played translated on other platforms. Thanks

2nd-Castlevania X: If I have not misunderstood this translation, it also improves the game by correcting errors, raising resolution in some sections, reducing loads, etc. Being a version with more content than PSX this translation makes it the best current version to play this game. Thanks.

The rest of the translations / hacks / homebrew seem equally good to me, I'm just not going to mention them all because it would be ordering and giving someone the last position. Thank you all.

P.D: Special mention to The Lighthouse of São Bento do Oeste. That I think he did not enter this call, but I imagine that he will be one of the best candidates for the next competition.
Oh damn I missed the shipping deadline. And my game was ready done by the day this contest started... what a boomer. Anyway, for those interested, here's my game: The Lighthouse of São Bento do Oeste.

Detective Renne Bras travels to the small town of São Bento do Oeste to investigate the mysterious disappearance of a couple at the city’s lighthouse.

You are Renne Bras, an ordinary detective. You entered the business seven years ago, just after the end of your longest relationship. You became famous for solving the case of kidnappings in the capital. Ever since you never picked up jobs that involved disappearance cases. Everything changed when days ago you received a message from an old friend. Renne long time no see, I am sending this message because I am running out of hope. A couple of my friends went missing a week ago. I called the police but they were unable to find evidence to proceed. I would like to hire you to investigate this case. I live in Sao Bento do Oeste, Minas Gerais, near the border with Sao Paulo. Please help me Renne, you are my only hope. With love,
- Julia.

Cover / Manual
The PAL, NTSC and NTSC-J print-ready cover / manual were made by Radchek, and can be downloaded through the links

OMD! Que bom ver um BR com a mão na massa. Fico imaginando como está o progresso. Grato!
Good to see a BR working. I wonder how the progress is. Thank you!