SEGA Saturn 26th Anniversary Game Competition


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So some updates on the first Demo Disc. Right now the lineup is this:

  1. Tank Game
  2. Cube Cat
  3. Sonic Z-Treme Metal Sonic Demo
  4. Ninja Penguin Manmaru English Demo
  5. Sakura Wars English 96 Tokyo Game Show Demo
  1. Policenauts English
  2. Grandia English
  3. Lunar Silver Star Story English
  4. Symphony of the Night English
  5. Fire Pro Wrestling English
One thing to note that I've since learned about the Demo Loader. If your game uses CD Audio, I'll need a special updated build. The Demo loader writes to the address 0x06000CCD the value that your game should use for it's first CD Audio Track. So basically your game needs a build that reads that address for the track to use as Track 1. So if you use 3 CD Audio Tracks, you will need logic that tells your game to that Track one is the value at 0x06000CCD, Track 2 is that + 1, and Track 3 is that + 2.
Did you post the demo disc somewhere?
I could link to that instead of just the Metal Sonic demo, it will allow some other projects to be discovered and it will give people more incentive to burn a disc than with only a 2 minutes boss battle