Shining Force CD

Ok iam not begging for Iso's ,iam only asking some help.

I can't find SFCD iso anywhere, is someone know a website where I can download it?? Or maybe just send it to me via ICQ I would be VERY happy for a reply.

Here is my e-mail if you dont want to reply on this forum
I'm not begging for ISOs, but please please please tell me where to get this game or send it to me, I beg^H^H^Himplore you!
Even if this was begging :O

Iam only asking a question, just cuz you know where to find it doesnt necesseraly mean ur a god and need to sh!t on someone asking something . yeah iam maybe a "newbie" and iam sure ill hear that a lot in this topics but i just want an answer, and as i said i gave my email for a private reply so dont post stupidities if its the only thing you can say
nope, idiot, you got it the wrong way.

when I say you don't post your shit anymore, you won't.

not when you say "don't post if you don't give me my r0mz linkz".

and I say you won't post anymore.
yeah people tend to do dumb stuff hiding behind their newbie status. Being a newbie doesnt grant you assholeness.