The Star Wars Trilogy DVD Set

Hehehe... I just want to see Lucas admit they MADE the bloody thing. Yes, the US military could easily use the Star Wars Christmas Special to torture prisoners at Abu Ghirab (or however it is spelled) and have all the protesters begging them to go back to beating and mollesting the "detainees" instead. LOL

But I must state, for the record, call me sick, but... the first Ewok movie is my favorite out of ALL the Star Wars flicks.
I haven't purchased it yet, but it's $39.99 at K-Mart without a discount or anything. :ph34r:
Oh if only he'd left the Jabba and Ewok songs alone in RotJ. I could have lived with everything else, even greedo. But the original songs were classic, and if the evil money-grubbing bastard has his way, they'll be lost forever (the jabba's palace song was never even released on CD). I hope that whoever edited episode IV will do this for me and fans everywhere.

And, but, what is the deal with overdubbing Boba-Fett's voice??? His voice was already PERFECT in ESB! That Jango Fett guy sucked. :puke:

I sure hope the aliens bring back the real george lucas soon.

Don't complain at the US price, the UK always gets it worse:

Amazon(UK) = £26.99 roughly $49 thats aparently with 40% of the RRP

And thats a very very mild difference, there is much worse.

Welcome to rip-off Britain
Is that inclusive of VAT?

No offence, but I hate countries that make you work out the tax serarately from the listed price...
:lol: Penny Arcade did a strip on the DVD set.

From my Japanese board:

It's not that Lucas doesn't care about fans. He wants the Trilogy to be how it was originally thought of in his head. When Star Wars was created Lucas was tight on Budget and Time and once Lucas starts something he has to finish it. But time didn't allow. He figured the Movie wouldn't take off so well without every detail being complete. Well he was a little wrong, It was a huge success but now what he's doing is going through and changing all the movies to fit his original plan. Notice how one of the first scenes is replaced by a shot of Darth Vader in A New Hope. Not exactly sure which scene this repplaced but he went through and re-edited some scenes. Another would be when Han Solo shoots at Bobba Fett first, Well it was supposed to be the other way around and that's something that bwent wrong in editing and he fixed that in the DVD release of these movies.

Do you even know what you're talking about?

He completely RUINED the ending to Return of The Jedi by making wussy young Anakin the ghost. Why not make Ewan McGregor the ghost of Obi-wan as well? It's just stupid. It doesn't make sense at all, as Luke never knew what his father looked like when he was younger. How would he recognize him? They should've kept Sebastion Shaw's ghost in there.

Who cares about Anakin anyway? He's a complete, and total wuss until he becomes evil.

Also, I think he ruined the ending ot RoTJ with the huge celebration scene as well. Hell... at least keep the original music! That was MUCH better than what's in the changed version.

Also, nothing was changed on A New Hope until Tattooine. I don't know where you're getting that Vader bit.

Also, Han and Boba Fett never battle. Are you referring to when Greedo and Han have the meeting in the Cantina? Lucas changed that because he felt Han shooting first made him look too much like a bad guy...


Han shot first!

Lucas said that the dvd trilogy is how he always visioned it.  But in my opinion, I think every time he changes the trilogy, it kind of takes away from how amazing the original was.  The original trilogy had a style that no one had ever seen before, and by him changing it, the movies have started to blend in with other sci-fi movies and you cant appreciate the originality of it...  but yeah they are his movies and he could do whatever he wants, and I totally understand that this is how he has always wanted them to look like.  Thats why Lucas didn't even want to have the option of selling the original movies because he thought they were "crap" Oh well!  and as for Lucas replacing the original anakin with Hayden, it makes sense, truly it does, but it is just really weird.

No... It doesn't make sense at all...

My best friend Travis:

I don't think anybody really expected the remakes to be as good as the original trilogy.  He would have to recast everyone and completely reshoot the movie to do that.  And even then, you'd have the people who can't deal with change and don't have any sort of imagination(*ahem, Dylan*) complaining that he completely ruined the movies.  I agree with ANTLink19 when he says that Lucas is just fine-tuning the movies to meet his standards.  Personally, I'd love to see him completely reshoot the movies from scratch, but that won't happen.  And you can't say that Han shot first if you still hold George Lucas as the creator of the star wars universe.  He said han shot second, so he did, he also said that boba fett died in the pit of carkoon, so he did.  This only sounds like I'm suckin up when you make a big fuss about it, it's the people who can't let things go that turn everything sour.

On changing Obi-Wan to McGregor, that would be stupid, as we saw him live and die as Alec Guiness(or whatever his name is) during the movie, it only makes sense that he'd still be Alec Guiness.  However, they changed Vader because he had returned from the Dark Side and he wanted to make that impression by casting Mr. Shaw, and so that we knew what Anikin really looked like.  Another reason he probably kept Alec as Obi-Wan is because the actor himself is dead, it wouldn't really do to take away his work, ya know?(keep in mind, i don't know the state of Shaw, i didn't know the actor's name until dylan said it).  Putting Hayden in there could also be showing George's respect for him as an actor, and so that maybe people would get used to him as really being Vader.  How can you upbraid Anikin for being a "wuss" when you cry during movies and "oh" and "ah" at "purdy" images, Dylan?  You've got absolutely no room to talk.  Solo and Fett DO battle on the sand skiff or whatever above the pit.  It isn't much, but it's there.

The originals were originals, DURING IT'S TIME(I'm emphasizing, not yelling, by the way).  Of course it's going to look like every other sci-fi movie made now, how many new techniques can you invent?  We're at the apex of television technology, now we've got to start work on holographic technology and that sort of thing

I agree with ANTLink19 when he says that Lucas is just fine-tuning the movies to meet his standards.

How many times must he do it though?! It's getting annoying!

And you can't say that Han shot first if you still hold George Lucas as the creator of the star wars universe.

Screw Lucus, it seems as though his "original vision" changes every damn day.

Putting Hayden in there could also be showing George's respect for him as an actor, and so that maybe people would get used to him as really being Vader.

Respect as an actor? Lucus must have some pretty low standard. Hayden may have the looks, but his acting during his emotional scenes (Hell, just about any scene where he had to show strong emotion) with Natalie Portman were vomit inducing they were so pathetic.

How can you upbraid Anakin for being a "wuss" when you cry during movies and "oh" and "ah" at "purdy" images, Dylan?  You've got absolutely no room to talk.

Don't you DARE give me crap about my crying at movies. Those scenes were made to mess with your emotions, and that's what they do. I love crying during a movie. Big deal if I get emotional...

And you know why I "Oh" and "Ah" at the "Purdy" images? It's because the landscapes, mountains, and sunsets are very beautiful images. You've been my best friend for nearly six years, and I don't think I've EVER heard you say something's pretty.
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I've just finished downloading what has to be the best kick in the guts ever for Lucas. Some fan has re-edited the recent DVD special edition with original scenes from the laser-disk versions of the original movie.

So now we have the special edition with parts like greedo shooting first removed and replaced with almost DVD quality original scenes. But with the cleaned up and and inserted deleted scenes from the special edition!.

It's bloody brilliant! But its only the first disk so far.. it should be on most torrents by now. I can't wait to see the rest. It's damn pitty Lucas didn't do this himself but I suppose he pissed off a few too many fans and its come around to kick him in the nuts.

God I need that torrent...
Eyes... glazing... over... ;)

Seriously though, I actually agree with Rolf on one point. Just how many times does Lucas need to mess with these movies?

I thought that the Special Edition versions of the films were supposed to be how he originally intended to them to be. I guess I wouldn't be so disappointed if he'd only messed with them the once.
Originally posted by mal@Sep 27, 2004 @ 11:38 PM

Eyes... glazing... over... ;)
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I'm waaay ahead of you buddy. :D Although, sadly, I also agree with him to some degree.