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I have a suggestion regarding the audio version of the PS1 versus the PSP. There is a program for modifying voices that can bring the lines of the PSP closer to make the voices very similar to those of the PS1. So it could be possible to put the lines that were missing in the PS1 version coming from the PSP. I see people doing this a lot at Mugen to invent new lines for their characters that the voices are practically identical to the original. Perhaps this trick would work for the PS1 version of the voices. With that, Saturn could have a whole cast of voices in an audio version of the PS1's English.
Audiofiles are more than welcome to give this a go. This is beyond my current expertise.


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That's usually only going to work if you have really good high quality recordings. Which we don't really have here. We only have the low quality compressed versions from the games. And even then there's limits. The voices and delivery of the lines themselves are completely different between the two versions. Maria for example has a deeper voice on PS1 and speaks a lot more formally and theatrically. While in the PSP version she sounds a lot younger and doesn't speak with the same kind of tone. It would still be a pretty jarring change.

It works in something like Mugen because they're just short little phrases that last only a second or two. These are full lines that go on for a longer period of time. So I'd imagine it would be a lot more noticeable in that sense.
All of those are tampered ISOs. The error reports the IPBin is not correct, and one of them reported 0.bin is not correct. I only support accurate rips. It is next to impossible for me to list invalid or bad rips, so that would be something you need to do your homework on. redump.org is a good place to get info on if you have an accurate rip or if it was tampered with.
thanks for the tip!
possible bug found: play on Yaba Sanshiro 3.4.2 - first visit to librarian - entering the room make all sound to turn off and dialog stuck at Librarian.
Checked many times. Anyone encounter this one?
Haven't had a chance to try the patch, but given other people have completed without issue on patch v1.021, and that Yaba Sanshiro is the buggiest of the three popular Saturn emulators, I'd say try another more accurate emulator - Mednafen 1.26.1 or SSF PreviewVer R18
The game runs fine on Yaba 3.4.2. The only thing: some textures are not hidden properly but it doesnt affect playability. I can save game without issue and visit the librarian
It's insane lol, well That's the reply I was expecting, at least the drop the same item one is doable? really miss the flame whip afterwards, though is said doesn't inflict more damage than a regular whip.

That sounds neat to me, better than my appreciation.

The PSX version displays the game in 256 video mode then strechted to 4:3 aspect ratio, the way was meant to be displayed to be played. It suggest to adapt to the 320 pixels by strecthing the title graphic to look 1:1 as PSX version and other, both titlescreens below just check that.


Hello all. So I feel really stupid asking how to do this. I can't get the patch to work. I downloaded everything, and have a .bin and .cue for the game. The "patch" download gives me a .SSP, and I can't figure out how to create the proper .xdelta file to create a writable image to make the english translated game. What am I doing wrong?


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Thanks so much! I can't wait to play it!
I would not recommend using *pre-patched images, what should have been recommended was a link to Sega Saturn Patcher in the resources section which is the tool you use to apply the patch. You can download Sega Saturn Patcher here.

*: The link to that download has been removed. The problem with pre-patched images aside from the obvious reasons, is that there is no guarantee they are even up to date with the latest patches.


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Hello all. So I feel really stupid asking how to do this. I can't get the patch to work. I downloaded everything, and have a .bin and .cue for the game. The "patch" download gives me a .SSP, and I can't figure out how to create the proper .xdelta file to create a writable image to make the english translated game. What am I doing wrong?
you do not create an xdelta, you simply load up the cue/bin with the patcher, add the patch file, and press build
Just finished normal mode on Classic Boy emulator for Android. (Beetle Saturn plugin) No problems. Would like to point out one anomaly; the Dark Blade found in the Overhead River. (Inverted Caverns)


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Here is a hot fix, you need to use CDMage to apply it.

Change is too small for an official release.


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Hey Knight0fDragon, thanks for the continued work. I had picked a version a few months ago and could see the quality work you had done.

Now I am ready to pick the newest version, and play some more. So it is great to see that you have indeed made new changes and improvements !

On a personal note, something I would fix would be the effect of the stretching on the sprites and backgrounds. That's a lot of work, and probably a bit difficult. The effect of the stretching is very noticeable in places. For example, on stained glasses at some places, where you get bars that are 2 pixels wide instead of one. I believe a number of places could greatly benefit from this.

Not too sure how to proceed for such changes.


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Unfortunately fixing that isn't as simple as just telling the system not to do it. All the graphics are pre-stretched to be wider and stored that way on the disc. You'd have to completely redo all the graphics, then redo the VDP2 tile maps to deal with the smaller tiles, then redo all the VDP1 commands to deal with the smaller sprite sizes. And that's not getting into the changes it would have on the collision detection. It's a lot of work and would require basically redoing the entire way the game draws things to pull it off correctly.
I am suggesting to alter the stretched graphics, to make them a bit better. They probably stretched them automatically, but with someone iterating on the stretched result, and giving a few touches here and there, we could improve the look while retaining the 320x240 aspect ration.