Dracula-X / Symphony of the Night

Translating Dracula X / SOTN Beta V1.02 1.021

what? now that is a weird one lol
Well, I might be getting ahead of myself as I haven't tested any of the individual achievements, but the hash is recognized again.


edit: lookin good so far

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Found a minor cosmetic error on the Familiars screen, some of the text is missing/messed up.
No game breaking bugs found, been playing it for hours now and I need to take a break to rest my eyes.

Thanks again. :beerchug:


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The game already has it filled it. I need to understand what happens when you only have 1. You are missing the bat, 2nd fairy, and Tengu (Why is this called node demon lol, poor Tengu) I assume what is happening is it should clear out
Yes, I found the bat and 2nd fairy familiar, after finding them it all looks fine.

Also happy to report I made it to inverted castle and everything is still working A-OK.
Sad to hear you'll use that. Removing iconic translation i love.
You could just keep using 1.021. There is nothing wrong with improvements, specially if they were official. Even then, maybe K0d plans to make voices and PSP patches optional, who knows.
I applied the last patch and I used beetle saturn and kronos. All had the same problem:
. Alucard's name on menu has some red dots;
. I can't go on some places that I marked on red circles on the image below, the screen goes black and the music stops:
View attachment 5953

Maybe I made a mistake when patching (there was no error message), or is it the emulators I'm using?
Kinda glad i never had random lockups on Beetle Saturn (only Yabause). I'll make a backup for that core version before i update it.


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Sad to hear you'll use that. Removing iconic translation i love.
If you want English voices in the Saturn version the PSP version is pretty much the only option that will work. The Saturn version adds new Scenes that weren't in the PSX version, and those scenes are in the PSP version. If you try to use the PSX translation with English voices, you'll either have no English voices for those scenes so the characters go back to Japanese, or you'll have a mix of different voice actors. Neither are really a good solution when there's nothing wrong with the PSP translation.
I really love this project
Thank you so much for the hardwork, as a big fan of sotn I could never enjoy the saturn version since I dont speak japanese and this patch it's just perfect for me.
About richter's portrait, I tried to do one using official artwork from HoD
Also, not sure if this could be possible but, any chance of change his sotn alter sprites? I saw a couple of romhacks (portrait of ruin and playstation sotn) that use this sprite sheet by serio from castlevania fighter I think
Anyway, Thank you so much for this translate


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Thanks. I dunno if you've seen this, but a Chinese hacker made an optimization hack. I haven't checked if it's compatible with this script patch though, but it's based on the Redump copy.



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Thanks. I dunno if you've seen this, but a Chinese hacker made an optimization hack. I haven't checked if it's compatible with this script patch though, but it's based on the Redump copy.

It's nice of you to bring up, but it's actually been discussed a few times in this very thread already. No, that patch is not compatible, but it's also unnecessary; Knight0fdragon's patch also optimizes the game but does not require the 4mb cart.
Se você quiser vozes em inglês na versão Saturno, a versão PSP é praticamente a única opção que funcionará. A versão Saturn adiciona novas cenas que não estavam na versão PSX, e essas cenas estão na versão PSP. Se você tentar usar a tradução PSX com vozes em inglês, ou não terá vozes em inglês para essas cenas, então os personagens voltam ao japonês, ou você terá uma mistura de diferentes dubladores. Nenhuma das duas é realmente uma boa solução quando não há nada de errado com a tradução do PSP.
First of all I want to thank you and KOD for codec tips. I'll do some tests to see if it works. As for Saturn's Castlevania SOTN .... I believe that using a good audio editor to modify the voices of the PSP version to be very similar to the PSX version would not be a problem to add them in the missing parts of the version of the PSX. I see a lot of people editing the audio of the characters on the mugen, making voices very similar even to the character they want.
Hello, I've just registerd to this site, a huge fan of Sega always, and thank to KnightOfDragon for not only translating but improving this game I think the premise of this translation is not only the english language but something more like a new experience because of the new Richter's Portrait for Bloodlines stage and text translation choices, so these changes make me suggest the following:

a) Richter Belmont: This improvements could be applied to blue coat Richter for new experience and keep as is for young Richter for purists.

i) If possible consider give Richter backdash ability by using the sprites of the last frames of his running (sprites similar to Dawn of Sorrow Julius's)​
ii)If possible drop weapon if picking the same weapon in order to use the special attack Flame Whip because once a weapon is picked is impossible to use the Flame Whip again.​
iii) If possible switch weapons just like Dawn of Sorrow Julius.​

b) Remap controls to this to shorcut the map

i) Up + third hand button-->performs item selected to third hand​
It is familiar to Castlevania games to use weapons by pressing up + a button so consider the third hand as this.​
ii) Third hand button -->displays the map​
c) The game title screen is squeezed maybe the game is in 352x240 video mode instead of 320x240 so the tittle maybe was created for 320 horizontal pixels instead of 352.

d) And how about creating a new game mode called HARDMODE or something like buttons cheat in which the save points don't fullfill the HP bar because of there are plenty of heal items, potions for everything never used in order to balance the difficulty of the game.

I am maybe asking for hard to code improvements making this impossible without the source code besides the Sega Saturn is known as a hard to code system increasing the reverse engineering difficulty, just take these as suggestions, thanks again smart Knight.