Vantage Master (see the news post)


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I downloaded it earlier this afternoon and boy was i surprised. I thought it was gonna be some cheapo scrap idea, but no it's hella fun. I fought four battles, lost the first, trying to figure out how it's played then played the next three with virtual perfection.

Another thing is that it isn't totally addictive. Usually a game like this would keep me there for hours no matter what. After 4 battles, it seemed i accomplished enough, and i didn't feel the need to keep going. Not to take anything away from it, I'm glad for that.

Anyway the only thing i can fret about is that it isn't fully translated. There was a cut scene with gibberish dialogue, and i was trying to figure out what was going on.
guess i'm not the only person who reads solidsharkeys news page

tell me, did you take the personality disorder quiz?
Hn, well, VMO's computer AI could be in better shape. I suppose this works mutch better online, since it's a wonderfull and very well designed STG RPG. I'm trying to reach Falcom Nihon about the lack of translation on the cutscenes...