Dreamcast Magazine Vol.1 - PC CD-Rom Preview 1998

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"Ready to be taken back into the 90s? Well then, DreamCast fans; behold; a forgotten relic from the past, containing the ultimate, most fascinating trailers for the, at the time, upcoming titles; some of them still mid development. Before Sega's next-gen console had been released; out friends at Dreamcast Magazine, provided us with the first and only PC exclusive CD-Rom; a disc fully loaded, with 28 minutes worthy of video game footage.

Enjoy, and have fun, spotting all the differences between the early versions of your favourite games and their final releases."

Some lesser-seen (perhaps unseen or previously unreleased) high-res Three Dirty Dwarves artwork

Sega Rally 2 (Dreamcast) Online Gameplay from 1998

Sega Saturn games with major region and version changes - great article by Randomised Gaming

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"You might be surprised to learn that often games in the 90s could differ wildly depending on which region you where playing the game in. While it’s a bit of a mute point due to 50hz, usually the PAL release as it was normally the final release of the game would often have bug fixes not present in the NTSC versions of a game.

Sometimes however these changes are more than just a quick bug fix or even the odd bit of censorship. Some games have had whole sections or characters removed for one reason or another and this has happened on just about every major system released.

With Randomised Gaming’s detailed knowledge of the Sega Saturn we look at some of the games that had major changes or cuts between versions. This isn’t a comprehensive guide, but it should serve as a good starting point."

Studio Vetea shows off Metal Slug Megadrive tech demo on twitter

Saturn emulation on PSP in the year 2021 (from piss slow to slightly playable)

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"Let’s be clear, this is a large improvement over the Yabause 0.9.10 builds that were floating around the internet before this one was (re-)discovered. But that does not mean you will be able to play Sega Saturn games on your PSP. Or at least, not easily."

Check out Pierre L's article over at: Yabause 2599: the good Sega Saturn emulator

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