SEGA Saturn 27th Anniversary Game Competition

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It's time for the annual SEGA Saturn homebrew competition. Contest details are here. Please attach all entries here (with bin/cue or iso/cue) by 12 PM UTC (7 AM EST) January 1st, 2022.

Non-judges, please discuss the games and send any congratulatory remarks in the discussion thread.

Shining the Holy Ark deleted map discovery by DonnieJay TCRF

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"This thing has a nasty habit of crashing so i better record a video for posterity. This thing is a mystery, it appears as if the map paths and textures themselves were deleted, but the script and actual container weren't, which is odd. They've pretty much cleaned everything else out of the game. It also has a world map entrance, and oddly unique dialogue that doesn't seem to be story related(odd mentions of 3D MAPs, and other debugging material? it's not entirely clear.)

Also funny is you can see a partial translation was being worked on in the US version, as if nobody told them the map was unused."

New proto of Geist Force for Dreamcast found

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"2:37 : stage 1 (complete map with boss and ending)
6:50 : unpublished cinematics
8:57 : stage 5 (full map whitout enemies, part of the map is unpublished)"

Satiator Save Data Manager WIP by CafeAlpha

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