1. dibz

    Cinepak->WAV 0.64

    _- ~~ -__- ~~ -__- ~~ -__- ~~ -__- ~~ -__- ~~ -__- ~~ -__- ~~ -__- ~~ -__- ~~- __- ~~ -__- ~~ -__- ~~-_ CPK2WAV. EXE Version 0.64 ~ -__- ~~ -__- ~~ -__- ~~ -__- ~~ -__- ~~ -__- ~~ -__- ~~ -__- ~~ -__- ~~ -__- ~ ~ -__- ~~ -__- ~~ -__- ~ [Software introduction] This...
  2. dibz

    PAK file reader & converter 9/27/97

    -==============- = Pakread info = -==============- 9/27/97 ------- I posted a message to looking for a display program to show all the illustrations that you can view in SSFA2 for the Sega Saturn and got NO responses. Well, that sucked, since I wanted be able to steal 'em...
  3. dibz

    AIFF to Redbook Converter for Macintosh 2020-09-01

    This tool converts AIFF sound files to Red book audio by stripping the header. It takes a file that contains audio data (in 16bit stereo at 44.1kHz) and creates a file whose data fork contains that audio data in raw Red Book format.
  4. dibz

    ADPCM Encoder for Macintosh 1.00E

    Version 1.00E Release Notes The ADPCM Encoder is a tool for producing ADPCM data that is compatible with the Sega Basic Library's (SBL) ADPCM Playback Library. The encoder is capable of converting 8, 16, or 24 bit mono/stereo AIFF or Sound Designer II format files. Note: The ADPCM Encoder does...
  5. dibz

    Saturn PCM <-> Windows WAV 050429

    RB_SaturnPCM.EXE Saturn PCM <-> Windows WAV sound file conversion tool for windows PC by The Rockin'-B, version 05/04/29 purpose: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Converting .WAV(sound format for PC) <--> .PCM files(used on...
  6. dibz

    pfview 0.03

    ============================================================ pfview Sega Saturn version Pretty Sammy image viewer Ver.0.03 ============================================================ "Overview" This program is Sega of NEC Inter Channel Co., Ltd. Saturn version Magical Girl Pretty Sammy...
  7. dibz

    Taktools 19-Oct-2001

    This file here is the general help to all the tools included in this zip. It covers the following utils: - TakCheck 0.3 - TakDump 0.2 - TakD24 0.001 Alpha Recommended configuration : - Windows 95 or better.. - Adobe Photoshop 4.0 or better. - TONS of memory to open the .RAW files in...
  8. dibz

    BIT->BMP Converter 1.0

    Sega Saturn CG Converter 1.0 : SSCG.exe filename.bit ( Some Files need rename from bin to bit ) Option : /X? X axis size in pixel. example : /x320 or /x512 /Cn Color Output ( default is better ) Enjoy It !!!
  9. dibz

    Background Gfx Converter 1.6

    THE FOLLOWING FILES ARE INCLUDED IN THE BGCON 1.6 RELEASE: bgcon.exe bgCon itself. bgcon.doc The bgCon manual in Microsoft Word 6.0 format. bgcon.pdf The bgCon manual in Adobe Acrobat format (distributed separately). bgv.cof Saturn-based background viewer in coff format. bgv.sre...
  10. dibz

    TOSS - To Sega Saturn 0.3

    To Sega Saturn (TOSS) by Keith Gerdes Convert graphic files to Sega Saturn .CEL, .MAP and .PAL files. TOSS supports 256-color .BMP, .LBM, .PCX, and .TGA thru the Allegro library. Optionally create a .TEX file, useful for sprites. Usage: toss...
  11. dibz

    Rockin'B Saturn DXF Tool 2020-09-01

    modern DXF -> more compatible DXF 3D graphics file conversion tool for windows PC by The Rockin'-B,
  12. dibz

    Micronet 3D Atelier 2020-09-01

    With 3D Atelier Version 3.5, several features were added thus evolving into a 3D CG software and authoring tool of the IT era. Among the features added are the Web3D which utilizes the ActiveX technology, network rendering and increased rendering speed. Various improvements were also introduced...
  13. dibz

    SS-SDK Macintosh Graphic Tools JUNE’96

    3D Editor1.72US Downloads textured or shaded 3D Models • file types: model: open: SEGA3D, DXF save: SEGA3D texture: open: PICT, DGT2, SEGA2D, save: SEGA2D • bit depths: 4 and 8 bit index color • provides model rotation, scaling, and lighting effects MapEditor1.81E & ScreenEditor1.07E MapEditor...
  14. dibz

    SS-SDK Win95 Graphic Tools 1.0j

    SS MONITOR: (aka SS VIEWER) ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Sega Saturn Monitor is a downloader utility. It uses either 3D Editor or Map Editor to send images to a TV monitor by way of Saturn CartDev. 3D EDITOR...
  15. dibz

    VDP1 Framebuffer Viewing Utility 2020-09-01

    VDP1 Framebuffer Viewing Utility by Charles MacDonald WWW: Default Comms Link port is $320, program uses what's in the "AR_PORT" environment variable if present.
  16. dibz

    Saturn PAR Utility 2020-09-01

    Saturn PAR utility by Charles MacDonald WWW: Based on code by Bart Trzynadlowski and James Forshaw. This program is released under the GNU GPL. See the LICENSE file for more details. Instructions on use: If the AR_PORT environment variable is specified, the...
  17. dibz

    Tyranid's Saturn Debugger 0.7 alpha

    Sega Saturn DeBuGger ver. 0.7 alpha. Readme file. 31337 Codin' by TyRaNiD (c) 2000 What this Program is: -------------------- This program allows you to debug home-brew Sega Saturn code actually on ur saturn with the help of a Pro Action Replay cart and a PC Commlink. Why u might want to this...
  18. dibz

    Saturn File Executor (+ Source) 2020-09-01

    =============================================================================== [Title] Saturn transfer/execution tool "SSFEXE.EXE" source file [File Name] SSFEXES.LZH [Category] Source file [Creation/Production] PI. [Remarks] The latest version will be distributed at...
  19. dibz

    Saturn Memory Dump for Windows95 0.7

    =============================================================================== [Title] Saturn Memory Dump "SSDUMP.EXE" v0.7 [File Name] SSDUMP07.LZH [Category] Development tools [Creation/Production] PI. [Operating environment] Microsoft Windows95 + SATURN ProActionReplay or X-TERMINATOR...
  20. dibz

    Freewing PS/SS Link 0.51

    PS/SS Link Ver0.51 Copyright (c)1997 FREE WING 98/11/10 URL and MAIL address changed. No change to the program itself Incomplete Manual (What is a decent manual??) This program uses PS-PAR/SS-PAR+COMSLINK It can be controlled by [basic command unit]. It also supports my own printer port...