Bleemcast hacked?

I have heard and accidently pasted up on the hacked version of bleemcast. It was released on a source that I cannot mention here. I am yet to get ahold of it myself cause when i initally saw it i though it was the rips of the commercial versions ie the ones that won't burn and work. The story is that someone got a hold of the blue disc and cracked it to play any playstation title some have been tested and work to perfection or close to it. I'll try to grab a copy tomorrow to authenticate this.
Yes.. there is a hacked version going around, and it does work.. Not very well, I tried playing ff7, chrono cross, and mega man legends 2 on it and all froze up at one point or another.. but I don't have a ton of psx games at my disposal to give a full report. I will say though that until the games froze up the speed was very fast, sometimes faster than the game on a psx, though most of the times it was tad bit slower with some graphical flaws and plenty of errors with the sound. But I'd say it's definetely worth the download, cause it's very small, and it's fun to mess around with.


I just found a site with all the known working games for the hacked version of Bleemcast.
I heard about this too... but I don't think that it would be that great of a program since the bleem team abandoned it for the individual disks. Nice to know though. Im not a fan of any PS1 games but its still good to hear

Well I finally did get a hold of this bad boy. I have tested mainly japanese games with this. First problems noticed were involving video and sound. Video is pretty rough and the sould can get out of hand and varies from game to game. Graphics wise some games show quite an improvement Castlevania for instance. Compatability wise... well ddr, beatmania, and guitar freaks run great for all the benamia folks. Initial D crashed and burned hard which I was personally disappointed in.Castlevainia does well accept for the text which is grabled but the graphics are good. Bio Hazzard 2 Beta (don't ask how I got that) crashed the hardest as expected. Tenchu 2 really shines once you get to the in games. All in all it is a pretty good release for a beta that will more then likely never get any better due to sony. God knows what horrible damege it might do to the dreamcast. I assume nothing but if i burn out another gdrom I'll blame this lovely title since I balmed half life for the latest gd rom burn out. Now the bad news. There is no memory card support at all. Sorry folks.
The lack of dreamcast memory card support I think wasn't neglect when this version it was made, they still just had the idea that they were going to require bleempods (if you remember what those are), at least thats what I think.

btw, Agent21KGB, Is that biohazard 2 beta the one that was scrapped, which is now often called resident evil 1.5 by fans? Just curious.
Nah it doesn't appear to be. None of the heads are huge. I only have disc 1. There are no videos on the disc so it is a little hard to play. However when you hit the select button the debug features come up and allow you to warp around and stuff. Really it is just a bragg about/ playaround with thing wish it was the 1.5 though.
It is not a hacked one. It is a leaked beta version from the time they were showing bleemcast at E3(was there?).

Anyways, you should remove those links because of the rules of this forum.
what did yall think of that bleem rip a few weeks / month ago iv never tryed it wondering if it was woth doing any1 try it out much ??

what yall think of my new avatar hehe

Directly from one of the bleem guys it is only 30% of what bleem could have been. Needless to say 100% would have been amazing. I am buying a game off the guy to try to help him out and for the historical value.
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Speaking of bleem, check out where redirects you to and then read the ABOUT THIS SALE section in one of the auctions.

i posted bout this already......bad akuma bloke!

5 mins after posting the above....i found and downloaded the hack of bleemcast......and......i......i'm in a state of shock!....i stuck a game in AND IT WORKS!!!!!!!!
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Speaking of bleem, check out where redirects you to and then read the ABOUT THIS SALE section in one of the auctions.

i posted bout this already......bad akuma bloke!

You dare ME?!!! Check the date. I posted before you.

Akuma posted message on March 12, 2003.

Gaz_2_k posted message on April 16, 2003.

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I attempted to use the following games with this hack via my Dreamcast and VGA box:

Tales of Phantasia- generaly works, okay sound, odd flashing.

Tales of Destiny 2 US-seems to start, but won't load into the game

Grandia- Goes no where.

Star Ocean 2- Starts, but backrounds arn't displayed.

Valkyrie Profile- Starts are pretty good, no start screen, but the game goes down hill and the textures start getting out of place, and evetually the game stops working.

My backups of Tales of Phantasia seemed to work file as well, save that flashing
I was just thinking, since Bleemcast seems to emulate some games better then expected, would it be possable to create a similiar PSX emulator for the DC using ePSXe as the base?