Lunar 2 Eternal Blue Saturn English Patch

Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Saturn Translation 0.19b

Will never forget about the Sega CD version and the Dark Scimitar controversy. Thankfully, it's possible to get with the "Lemina Bug" Pretty worthless as a weapon though.
Update -- It looks like mednafen disc swapping with .m3u files and F8 (open tray) / F6 (swap) is working for me
^ It always works the first time, but then if you mess up and load the wrong disc (it happens) it goes into an endless loop. I'll continue to primary real hardware.
Oh good to know…. I’ll see if i can replicate and submit a bug to the mednafen board. Theyve fixed things we reported in the past
Are you loking for anybody else to playtest on real hardware? I have both a US and Japanese Saturn, a BS in Comp Sci and a minor in Japaneze Language, so let me know if you need help.
Feel free to playtest and report any bugs not yet identified. If you want to help with programming, ive been meaning to create a dialog update gui tool but have been too busy, DM me if you’re interested in helping with that. I already have a translator working on the project so i think im all set there.
Since I've made a decent amount of progress since the competition entry, I'll officially announce this one and keep a status here.
The plan is to translate Lunar 2 using the PSX as a basis. Not sure if a dubbed or subbed version will be released first, depends on free time & difficulty.
I'm putting Lunar 1 mostly on hiatus until this is complete.

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Current Status
Variable Width Font: 100%
Dialog Extraction (Sega CD JP/ENG, SAT JP, PSX JP/ENG): 100%
Dialog Insertion: 50%, works but going to create a Gui tool to simplify.
Dialog Translation: In-progress. Haven't decided if we are updating or rewriting at this point. Depends how good or bad the WD translation is.
Item and Common Text Extraction&Re-Encoding: 100%

Action Scripting: 99%, Format decoded, extractor and re-encoder created. For some reason adding a timed dialog works in mednafen, on real HW the text doesnt print. Might be something to do with a parallel event that conflicted in the test i ran…. (Looks like I botched up the dialog insertion portion of my tool).
Action Script updates to use WD dialog or WD Audio: 0% (Corrupts the screen if everything doesn't line up, cleared after a single battle).

You’ll probably notice that the jp audio may not line up with the characters speaking in the english timed text dialogs… This is because WD took a lot of liberties with the dub (big surprise)

System - 95%, need to adjust some text placement.
Battle/Shop - 90%, have a few minor glitches to clean up.

Decompression: 100%.
Compression & Re-encoding: 99%
Translation of existing subtitles: 0%
Adding subtitles to videos that didnt previously have them: 0%

Spell Text Outlined during battle: 0%
Monster Names: Translated (preliminary ones being used). 98%

Audio/Movie Dubbing: 0% Havent looked into it, in theory the tools are already there to do it... (Current plan would be to reuse WD audio)

I am getting a Polymega later this year and i am really looking forward to be able to play Sega Saturn games with english translation patches. Will this work on a Polymega? I have heard that people having trouble with some translation patches for the Sega saturn on the Polymega.
I am getting a Polymega later this year and i am really looking forward to be able to play Sega Saturn games with english translation patches. Will this work on a Polymega? I have heard that people having trouble with some translation patches for the Sega saturn on the Polymega.
I dont own one, so i have no idea. Since the game is playing on real hardware, if the japanese version works on the Polymega, there is a good chance it should also work.
Encountered a text overlapping that seems to be triggered during the dialogue between Zophar and Lucia at the Blue Spire. I tried it on real hardware using MODE and on mednafen emulator. This overlapping persisted while continuing to play and caused text artifacts. It goes away after saving and reloading the game or exiting the area. Attaching a save file. It is save #3.

Patch version is 0.19b




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Yeah youll see that in a number of spoken dialogs. The issue is that the event system allows for up to ~35 parallel events, and each event script is littered with custom commands, some with timer delay values. (And everything needs to line up) I havent had a chance to untangle it all, and porting from psx is a nightmare since new codes exist that will crash the game. The simplest fix is to just make use of the same number of text boxes, or insert 2 text boxes and cut the original timer value in half…. All work for a week where i have a ton of free time.
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Is this still being worked on? Played up to meeting Ronfar.

Came across the double text once Zophar came and cursed Lucia. Outside of that it's been smooth sailing., first time ever playing the game.

Playing on a Satiator.
It hasnt been dropped, just havent had much free time to work on it lately. I’ll get back to it eventually. At this point its really a matter of editing the script so it doesnt glitch, working in an updated translation (when its complete), and turning on movie subs for the videos that dont have them enabled.
Right on, appreciate the reply. If the translation is as good throughout as it so far, it's absolutely good enough for me. Game is really hitting the spot right now, glad I finally got around to it. My sincere thanks for all the effort you've put in so far.
Gui Script editor has been completed now, and the translator completed a literal translation to use as a guideline. No eta, but the next update is intended to remove the more liberal WD changes, and fix the spoken dialogs so that there is no more screen corruption.
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This project is amazing @Mr Conan !
Looking forward to play the final version. I'd love to play Eternal Blue for the first time on real Saturn hardware, since the PlayStation 1 port have atrocious translation from WD.
Best of luck with this.