New Server Soon


Staff member
Hi guys! I hate to do this, but we need some money for our new server. It will have 80GB of space with a whopping 500GB of monthly bandwidth on a 100mb connection. The setup cost for this bad boy is about $300, and the monthly fee is about half that amount. If you can donate anything toward this, that would be great, even if it is just $1 USD
. Once we get this new server, we won't have to worry about space for a loooong time. I'll even add the option to upload your own avatars
. For details on how you can donate, click on the Help Us link located to your left on the SX navigation menu panel. If you wish to donate through another method, or if you wish to donate anonymously, send me a PM.

Thank you for all your support!
I don't want any of that you have no choice but to pay to get the media off this site. Just donations.