Snatcher Not playing

Ok here is the deal! I downloaded snatcher from a ftp site. (I am having major trobles finding the us version) I downloaded the pal version i guess. Got all the bois files. Configered them. Ok now I am ready to play but when i press start it goes to the cd player. I renamed all the files. snatcher.iso snatcher 02.mp3......ect What do I do I have been working on this for 2 days. It took me almost 3hours to download with a cable modem. I am using gen and kega. Please Help!
what is the name of the bios you have?

EDIT: by the way it's "press any key. Where's the any key?"

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Make sure you loaded the PAL bios... when you get to the CD Player, look for a button "CD-ROM". What happens when you click that?
Ok i have the cd player it has all the tracks inculdeing track 1(the iso) it plays them all like normal but there is no cd-rom button. That is the button that should appear in the up right panel right.
it depends what version of sega cd the emulator is.. emulating. The cd player screen was different in sega cd models 1 and 2.
well i know what you are talking about and it is not there but i noticed that the tracks are not as longer then they should be please help!
u should be banned for asking dumb questions. argh. ok rename the iso to SNATCHER.ISO now, rename the first mp3 in the list (which is actually the second track) to SNATCHER02.MP3 (or wav if that's what it is) do not name it SNATCHER01.MP3 cause the iso is technically 01. but we just call it snatcher.

The first mp3 is SNATCHER02.MP3, so just keep doing that. SNATCHER03.MP3, SNATCHER04.MP3 etc. it's all in the emulator manual.