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Alright I got Willy beamish off this ftp,4 rar files,I extracted them and got a buncha mp3 files...How can I get Gens to read these? and do I Need to Combine these together? or is there anyway I can change them from mp3 files? Im a newbie to it all and i know how everyone hates people asking but im gettin frustrated here :( any help would be greatly appreciated....
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next time, try reading the documentation. straight from gens.txt:

- From ISO (BIN, RAW supported too) image :

(3) If you have MP3 files, rename them as "<iso_file_name> XX.mp3" where XX is the number of the track.

The files have to be in the same directory.

ISO = sonic_cd.iso

-> MP3 = sonic_cd 02.mp3, sonic_cd 03.mp3, sonic_cd 04.mp3...

people happily answer good questions. the same people get irritated when other people ask dumb questions.

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ok i forgot to add this man sorry,i have no iso file for some reason ,all i gots is mp3's ,its sayin the file is corrupt now,no way around that eh?
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Look IF you have ALL mp3s and one of them is "Track 01" rename track 01 to be a iso...see if that works....
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Or prehaps you have file extensions hidden and what you have is a buch of Winamp files plus a file that look like it has no extension.
Yeah, all the sites that I work at, no one EVER looks at the ReadMe's.

Try to run a mp3 converter program, try to reincode those mp3s, but for the ISO you are on your own.
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