hey...im relly new to all this and have just found how to get back all those games that i loved and lost on my beloved sega console... the biggest being snatcher...

after hours of downloading from elportal... i cannot get this bloody this working.... i dont know what files i shud b openin wen and how.... if any1 can give me any assistance i will be eternally grateful and would willingly sell my soul to get this gme back!!!
now... about that soul ;)

Oh wait i might have missread your question but are you saying you can't atually START to play the game? It sounds like you are trying to play it on an emu or burn them. Ok well if you want to play it on the emulator, you should read the readme that comes with it, but if you are trying to burn it... that's not really my area of expertese. But if you CAN get it running in an emu for a certian amount of time, then do i what i said in the above post. Right now, it sounds like you just don't know where to start. but i will help you as best i can.

Ok, i'm gonna assume you want to run it in an emulator first to test it, then burn later. Ok, first get a sega cd emulator. I use kega, but many people like gens. Either is fine. Get one, then get the bios. Just search for sega cd bios in google. Ok, after you do that, configure the bios in the emulator. It should be in the options, you'll find it.

After that, and you have all the tracks, rename the iso of the game to (this is important and type exactly as i do) snatcher.iso, then name the mp3 tracks like snatcher02.mp3, snatcher03.mp3,snatcher04.mp3 etc. make sure to rename them that way. Dont start with snatcher01, becasue the iso is snatcher 01.

After that, put them all in one directory and click load iso or load rom in the emu and play. If something isn't working, you will need to follow the link above and do what i said.

hope that helps!

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okay...right all my files are named as such.... and i load up gens.... go to load rom..... then choose my snatcher iso (which is in a cd layout format?? is that right?) and i just get the meg cd loading screen.. then i get the megacd-cd player screen...HELP ME!!!!!!!!! I NEED SNATCHER BACK!!!!!!!!!
Make sure you are using the proper BIOS with the version of Snatcher you are trying to use or else it won't load. I.E. the US version of Snatcher with the SegaCD BIOS and the Euro/Jap Snatcher with MegaCD BIOS.
he doens't need that, just look in the readme. But what do you mean by cd layout format? Like iso first then mp3, mp3, mp3 dadada etc?
hey... if i were to put in my own music for snatcher.. where do you think that the theme from beverly hills cop would fit best. It just seems like such a good tune and would be great in that game. like in the beginning when he's exploring all the rooms.
rite.... my soul is for sale to any1 who can help me! my iso file is in format for my cd copier (ie a cd lyout file) and i cant get it to load..... i load the file and the mega cd title screen loads then goes to the cd player! ive done the mp3 adjustments on sound forge etc... WHERE DO I GO FROM HERE!!!
hmmm, if its just taking you to the CD player screen that sounds like the unit (or emulator in this case) isn't recognizing it as a MegaCD. That means it's most likely a problem with the ISO file. I'm not sure what you mean when you say the image file you have is in CD layout format. It should be in a standard ISO cd image format with a ".iso" extension. If its not in this format you may need to redownload it or convert it.
rite...firstly...where do i get fireburner from.... secondly.... how about a tutorial on how 2 do it...ie where do my mp3z go etc..... thirdly.... can i just boot the cd when it is done?
<---------- go over to the misc. section. Get fireburner, and read the faq. But read the fireburner warning first.