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The wiki is back. That is all.

(Beta Version)

Finally a release, i've fixed some problems there are some (many:)) bugs. It works more or less with a decent speed (no VSync), here are the current emulated games :
  • Block Gal
  • Combat Hawk
  • Flicky
  • Green Beret
  • Pirateship Higemaru
  • Mr.Goemon
  • My Hero
  • Penguin Kun War
  • News
  • Pang
  • Super Pang
  • Ninja Princess
  • Pitfall 2
  • Sega Ninja
  • Teddy Boy Blues
  • Wonder Boy

Thanks to people who helped me (sometimes Guillaume, MartiKon, cafe-alpha with Satcom, and all)

So, chances are if you lurk here you've either noticed the site has been down for a few days or even more likely -- that the site simply looks different. :wow:

I received notice of some problems with the site, and later became aware of some attacks over the last few days. Since I had been considering moving the site over to different forum software (yet again), it seemed like as good a time as any.

While I was at it, I went ahead and upgraded hosting to shiny new VPS. The performance may end up being a little slower as a result, but at least it'll be (more likely) to be only our own traffic. I might put LOTGD or something of that nature back online, things like that, as well.

Unlike the last forum switch, I also went ahead and put together a mostly-complete theme (in progress) for the new one that mostly emulates the classic look. Hopefully if time allows I'll finish reviving the old content as well, as evidenced by the mostly empty return of the menu.

Old smilies are back, and for shits and giggles, I imported Tendoweb forums into the forum too.


Expected problems are password resets, and *_vbulletin_import* users. There are going to be duplicate users of that nature, if you need yours merged, just tell an admin.
Pier Solar is a 16-bit RPG that tells the story of Hoston, a young botanist who is on a quest to save his father from a mysterious illness. Along with his two best friends Alina and Edessot, the three friends embark on a quest seeking a rare herb to cure the illness of Hoston's father. Little do they know, it is the beginning of a winding journey that unravels his father's past and the mystery of Pier Solar and the Great Architects.

Pier Solar was originally designed and developed for the SEGA Mega Drive & SEGA Genesis. Yes, you read that right!! It was actually the only newly developed game for SEGA's 16-bit system in the new millennium. It's not a port, fan translation, or a copy of any other game. Pier Solar is a 100% brand new, entirely original,16-bit RPG.

We'll get right in to what we think makes Pier Solar so special:

The Biggest 16-bit RPG Ever! We released Pier Solar on a custom 64MEG cartridge (the average SEGA Mega Drive/Genesis game size is 12MEG), making it the biggest 16-bit RPG ever! This allowed us to push the 16-bit medium to a precedent setting level, with state-of-the-art aesthetics and things like full-screen cutscenes, background scaling and 3D modes.

A 100% Original RPG! Pier Solar was developed from the ground up. An original world, storyline, soundtrack, characters, enemies, and battle style. No ports, translations or copying from any other game - it's all fresh! The first original 16-bit RPG to do this in over a decade!

A Massive World to Explore! Pier Solar has 50+ hours of gameplay, over 300 locations, nearly 500 unique treasure chests, and over 800 NPCs!

Epic Battle Tactics! We developed an innovative battle system that puts you in control of up to five characters and includes in-depth strategic moves such as counter-attacks and a special strategy called Gather, which stores energy to unleash even more powerful moves and spells!

Translated in 5 Languages! Pier Solar is translated in 5 languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese,...