Bulk Slash English localization project

Update time! The project's been going well. We're on a good pace and we hope to have a public patch out by the end of September — just 10 weeks away! :oops:

Last week, Greg (aka Lacquerware) mastered Raycher's voice work for Naira and inserted all of it into the game. He also mastered and inserted Cargodin's line heard after defeating the last boss, a computer voice that says "final password accepted." Raycher and Cargodin did a great job, and we hope to debut their voice work on the Shiro Show in a couple weeks!

(As an aside, we're still not entirely sure why that computer voice mentions accepting a password — the player character inputs an unseen password shortly thereafter to shut down the Spät Fest super weapon, but not at the moment you hear this voice clip. We did find an old Japanese webpage with a product listing for Bulk Slash at バルクスラッシュ that says the main villain obtained seven passwords, one from each planet, so maybe this voice line is the vestiges of some lore that otherwise didn't really make it into the game. Whatever the reason it's there, it'll be in English in our patch!)

Last week was a busy week for recording sessions. Greg and I worked with Erin "Lefe" to record Lira's lines, then Greg and Mampfus mastered her lines and inserted them into the game. We're super happy with how they came out! We also asked CrouchingMouse to voice our final navigator, the secret unlockable Kina. Greg and I worked with her last week, too, to record all of Kina's lines (as well as the line for the protecting boy in the general ending cinematic). Those haven't been mastered yet, though.

Last Friday, we debuted Edobean's performance as Leone live on the Shiro Show. You can check out the VOD of it here:

Then Greg livestreamed Bulk Slash on his Twitch channel to show off Leone in English more, and he was joined in chat by Edobean. You can check out the VOD of that here:

I tileset the Backup Select screen's translated text. It's five different lines totaling about 90 Japanese characters that Greg translated a few weeks ago, and I just got around to tilesetting them in English. They're now ready for Mampfus to pop into CrystalTile and insert into the game. Here's what the screen looks like untouched; it's accessible from the configuration/options menu:


I also investigated some more Japanese text that we initially forgot about: the screens that appear when you boot up the game telling you about issues saving. Knight0fDragon stumbled upon one of them while implementing Twin Stick controls. There are six different messages totaling about 730 Japanese characters. Greg has translated them and I'm figuring out the specifics on how to tileset them now so the linebreaks don't look bad. Here's what one of those screens looks like:

RAM error screen.png

Mampfus extracted Bulk Slash's general ending video in a virtual Mac OS 9.2 environment, converted it to an MOV file, replaced its audio with PandaMonium's English narration, then converted it back into a Cinepak video. This causes a minor loss of resolution and color intensity, though, so he's attempting to use an AI upscaler to mitigate that. In the image below, the frame on the left is how it looks after conversion, and the frame on the right is after using an AI upscaler called Topaz:


As far as recreating the music heard in the ending videos, Jiggle85 and his brother expect to finish them all in the next couple weeks. We've heard the work-in-progress general ending's track and it sounds great! Besides the music, there are some sound effects that need to be recreated for these ending videos, too, and we're considering using the royalty-free sound effects on Zapsplat.com.

That's all for now. Just one more navigator to record for: Colòn, whose lines we're going to record with Saskia next week!
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There has to be some way to just preserve the original Cinepak Stream and swap in the audio stream. I attempted it with FFMPEG to make a MOV file but MovieToSaturn did not like it. Though that doesn't mean it's not possible, we just might need to get the video in the right Quicktime MOV format.