Kronos introduces easy Action Replay cheat search function

The Lighthouse of São Bento do Oeste. A new visual novel game for Sega Saturn

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"Detective Renne Bras travels to the small town of São Bento do Oeste to investigate the mysterious disappearance of a couple at the city’s lighthouse. Submitted in this 2020's Jogabilidade game jam (#Geleiabilidade) The theme of the jam was "Mystery" and "Break-ups"."


Download: The Lighthouse of Sao Bento do Oeste by Neuromage Studio

Cotton 2 English Patch
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This is a translation patch for the Sega Saturn Version of Cotton 2 by Success. The patch will translate the entire text of the game to English.
Phantasy Star retranslation 2.00 released
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We are proud to announce the release of version 2.00 of our long-in-production translation patch for Phantasy Star. This patch retranslates the original Japanese game to give a whole host of improvements...
You can now emulate some terrible N-gage Symbian Sega games
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Dinosaur Planet - Star Fox Adventures
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This has to be one of the most important proto dumps ever released so why not revive the nintendo section here for once.

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